Poison Study – Maria V Snyder Review / Book Discussion / Rant-ish



Overall: 4 out of 5 stars ★★★★

Captivate me from the first page.

[ Actually from some review on goodreads, that quoted Valek’s sentence, and I was like, I NEED TO READ THIS! I NEED TO SEE THIS V A L E K DUDE //// ]

Can’t stahp turning those pages. Need to see more of Yelena and Valek.

Specially her ‘magic’ power she still need to uncover by herself.



Mysterious smexy dude. Your typical villain turned bae. He’s an assassins. A graceful one and sometimes grumpy-cat one haha. His affection towards Yelena seems instant(?) but maybe it’s because most of the stories PoV is using Yelenas. And she’s much oblivious to what actually happened around her, specially on Valek’s behalf.. 



Lovely babe ❤ She’s a strong willed woman. Specially her past with Reyad, and even after all that happened to her, she still bore that will to live her life. To be free. That is strong for me. She’s not a wimpy-whiny cat,  And not that annoying bitch type either. With each chapter, slowly we know what Reyad did to her, not just a vicious physical torment, but he did raped her. And that scene where Ari knows her past when she drunk and her tongue slip, he even said he will kill Reyad with his own hand if he ever meet him. It hurts me to think that some other girl will replace her as the lab rat.. But at least Reyad’s not there anymore..


Ari and Janco

Omg these 2 dudes ww they’re the perfect combine of humor and fun for this story. They cheered her up , to the extent of making me happy too haha

Such brotherly love  for our lovely Yelena ❤

That engraved switchblade really touched my heart ;;;; they’re so protective of her ❤

That end where they’re hurt so much physically, almost got me. But I do believe they’re too precious to be eliminated, I hope Maria isn’t that cruel of an author :’D


Reyad’s Ghost

That ghostly conversation just seems too real for me. The fact that her power is a ‘raw’ and pretty enormous (according to Irys) made it easier for me to think that, that is a /real/ Reyad’s ghost, not just her subconscious.



Lol this bitch

I dislike her, but I can’t hate her, since she’s the one helping Valek with his spy assignment, and somewhat help Yelena to prove her /honesty/loyalty/ too.. But oh dear, she’s one annoying bitch :’D

I hope Maria changed her roll somehow in the second book, or maybe make less of her appearances in the book haha


That criollo and that mysterious beans.

I honestly thought it was some kind of addictive ingredients that should be illegal(?). And illegal it is, with special magic-boost sprinkle ww


The too obvious situation and culprit.

Someparts /events from this book is pretty much easy to guess, we all know what’s going to happen, or even who did it in the first place. And sometime’s I’m shocked by the fact that certain character’s “shocked” when she/he found out who did certain things. Like, duh, isn’t that obv alreadeh girl/boy(?)

But it’s okay. Every book has it’s plus and minus. And I’m still loving this one despite every lackness that build this book as it is ❤


Brazzel and Mogkam

That bloody magician. Why didn’t Yelena realized he somehow manipulate the Commander’s mind.. Even when Irys said the Commander’s thought barenaked, like it overflowing outside, how could not she realized that, and after that girl that looks like the commander’s killed the snow cat vision she got?? That’s some of my ‘turned-down’ moment from this book. Tho, overall I’m still loving it ❤



¾ into the book, I honestly thought she’ll somehow grab a chance to escape southern with Irys. How wrong am I, she went right under Brazell’s /trap/ castle.

RAND’S DEATH AMG, I have anticipated there will be some death here (just like any other YA novel fantasy) , but the fact of his death still shocked me. I know he’s not entirely helping her situation, but he’s still somewhat defending her. Care for her. I’m most heart-broken for Dallian that will be left alone 😦 when that marriage topics came out, I just like, ugh, my kokoro kyannot handle ;;w;;



Now, Yelena has been sent to study some magic.

Her separation with Valek isn’t that bad actually, somewhere I still believe they’ll reconcile fast ww

You go girl! ❤


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