Valkyria Chronicles 24-26

wew,,, finally i watched this until the finale~~ \(^_^)/ well,, they gave us a good end~~ epi 24: wew,, AliciaXSelvaria battle scene didn't fill my expectation~~ T^T it was more cool on the first battle T^T epi 25: Selvaria do some self-destruct so Alicia and the other regular fie too, but luckily Alicia can save … Continue reading Valkyria Chronicles 24-26


Valkyria Chronicles – epi 23

Alicia accepted to be a regular. But she still felt hesitance, we can tell from her eyes. Then. Squad 7 (except Welkin) decided to see Alicia directly, but they were being distracted by the other regular. Then, some of the higher passed them and carelessly said that Alicia was a monster. Rossie was so angry, … Continue reading Valkyria Chronicles – epi 23