Will O’ Wisp Portable

Will O’ Wisp is an Otome game, developed by Idea Factory N Otomate. The design was the same with Edel Blume. We played as Hanna, a girl that has power called Shamlock. Her power make her can hear and see ‘things’ that other can’t. She too can make an elemental doll. It is a doll … Continue reading Will O’ Wisp Portable


Pandora Hearts -ch39

i've read until ch 39. there's so many complcated things over here o.0 why's that Lacie song was created by both Glen Baskerville and Elliot Nightray?? even the title was the same *shocked who's Lacie?? is it Glen's girl?? know, we know that Alice has another sister, actually her TWIN sister. the will of abbys. … Continue reading Pandora Hearts -ch39