Kimi ni Todoke 08

okay, it's started to look obvious that Sawako likes Kazehaya~~ Should we change the title for this animu to 'Kazehaya ni Todoke' just like Sawako's catch phrase on this episode??~~ LOL i think after the-suspicious-looking-girl saw this scene, she's gonna start to make another evil plan~~ o.0


Kimi ni Todoke 07

ugyaa~~ after i watched this episode, now i want Sawako to be paired with Ryuu~~!! "well then, ryuu, do you like her (sawako)?" "maa~~ Casual type like" (kyaaa~~n *fangirling scream,, ryuu's exclamation was so moe~~ ) it is fit well with Sawako rite~~?? ^0^ Ryuu's smile attack!! *hiroshi