Garnet Cradle ~sugary sparkle~ release date

Yay~~~ *banzai,,!! it's officially announced that the released date of this game will be on 29 jan, on 2010~~ ^0^ can't help to play this game,,, i hope they will not postponed it like what they did before with the main game,, -_-;; is it just me, or Saliya looks more shota-ish here??? and, they … Continue reading Garnet Cradle ~sugary sparkle~ release date


Saliya’s song 微睡む月の夜のアリア/サーリヤ(CV.立花慎之介)

yay~~ I found the download link for this song on nico-nico~~ \(^0^)/ i really like tachibana-san's voice here,, it's just so tender and sounds so appealing in my ears~~ here's the link~~ and this is the mf link oh, yeah, almost forgot~~ the password is= kyonQchies just wanna try it~~ ^^, you can comment … Continue reading Saliya’s song 微睡む月の夜のアリア/サーリヤ(CV.立花慎之介)