Ilegenes -Kokuyou no Kiseki-

Kuwabara Mizuna (story) ISHIZUE Kachiru (artist) uwaaa~~~reading this drama because i found the drama cd first,, *grin* it is a story of Fon Fortingbras Littenber, whose father was suspected to be a black market creator, but killed by that black market people,, he's a smart guy, so he skipped 2 grades and enters military school … Continue reading Ilegenes -Kokuyou no Kiseki-


Kaichou wa Maid-sama gets animated~~!

As you can see at the title~~ Kaichou wa Maid-sama will gets animated~~ yay~~ i can see Usui-sama animated,,, well,,, i didn't manage to get much from ANN, but i hope they wil use the same seiyuu at the Drama CD~~ banzai for sugita~~~n~~~ oO(>,<)Oo tanoshimi shite kuru wa~~ ^0^