Pandora Hearts -ch39

i’ve read until ch 39. there’s so many complcated things over here o.0 why’s that Lacie song was created by both Glen Baskerville and Elliot Nightray?? even the title was the same *shocked
who’s Lacie?? is it Glen’s girl??

know, we know that Alice has another sister, actually her TWIN sister. the will of abbys. is it really 2 different Alice, or is it just her personalities??

I want MOAR Jack!! he’s too Moe *nosebleed well, oz too Moe in his Shotaness (shotacon modo=ON)

Oz and the other (gil & alice) went to Sabrie. they met with elliot over there. philipe too, that child, the one that his father was Grim Contractor. Oz has awaken his power there. it was a Schyte. wew, his eyes when hoding that Schyte really is Yandere one o.0 and then at the end of chapter 39, Oz no tou-san, Zai Vessalius appear. what was his purpose? i don’t know yet *lolz


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