Sangoku Rensenki -first impression-

that's the main title of the game as usual a system voice come out in random, saying the game's Brand but something is different, after that, there are still other voice system that 'greet' us. i think their word was set according on the time when we play it. like when we play it in … Continue reading Sangoku Rensenki -first impression-


Rakuen no Uta 2 -last vol- [楽園のうた2]

nante suteki na pair desu nee~~~~ >////////////////////< so, Kamiyan, jyanakutte, Nachi, have cut his ties with his senpai~~ and somehow, he become a lil' bit close with Chris's friend [forgot his name LOL] but, somehow i know this friend was chibi. actually, at first he didn't really like Nachi, but somehow after talking and then … Continue reading Rakuen no Uta 2 -last vol- [楽園のうた2]