Miracle Train / Oedo-sen e youkoso

Title: Miracle Train / Oedo-sen e youkoso Rate: TEEN Genre: shoujo-animu, magic, romance Original Character Design: Tomohisa Kai Character Design: Aki Tsunaki Plot:There is an urban legend in Japan about an underground subway line that moves without limitations. The rumor is only gorgeous men ride a train that is known as the Miracle Train. And … Continue reading Miracle Train / Oedo-sen e youkoso


Will O’ Wisp BGM

Yay~~ finally i found the link for Will o wisp BGM \(^_^)/ thx to SOMIA-san on forum gamers~~ ^^v i like the OP,, the songs was great, and it reminds me of Will and Ignis~~ they're my favorite character on this game,, ^^v MF