Will O’ Wisp Portable

Will O’ Wisp is an Otome game, developed by Idea Factory N Otomate. The design was the same with Edel Blume. We played as Hanna, a girl that has power called Shamlock. Her power make her can hear and see ‘things’ that other can’t. She too can make an elemental doll. It is a doll that can speak, move, and think like a human. She’s a granddaughter of a doll maker. There are 5 characters you can get from Will O’ Wisp; Will, Ignis, Gill, Jack, hobldy. There is two addition gettable character for will o’ wisp ~easter no kiseki~ it is Emily and Emilio.
I have finished Will, Ignis, and Gill arc from Will O’ Wisp. My fav were ONLY Will and Ignis. I don’t really bother with the other, but I want completed all the CG’s so I have to complete their arc -_-;;. As long as I have played, the best arc was Ignis arc, cuz the pattern was different from the other. Well, Will arc too a good one, and his CG made me *nosebleed. Yeah, the character designer was a great person 0.o they make him so Moe~~ Ignis too, with his tsundereness and his long gray hair~~

On Will O’ Wisp ~Easter no Kiseki~ I have finished Will and Ignis arc. Yeah, only both of them that make me passionate to played this game. Here, the story takes place one year after the first series. After all of the elemental doll grasp their freedom and turn into soul. Suddenly, Hanna gets some gold Easter egg, and has some dream. In her dream she heard Emily’s voice, told her to truly wish for ‘their’(the elemental doll) existence to come back. And it happened, all of them back to this world, but only 7 days, at Easter week. The character’s arc that you played, at the end will become human, somehow. I don’t know why they can turn to be human. If I not wrong, they said, they used all of their lifespan as a doll to turn them to be a mortal human. (Addition, elemental doll is immortal). If you know the real details, please tell me ^_^
This series wasn’t a serious one like the first series. And Ignis is the only one who wield his sword *lolz

There’s a third series for the PSP, I can’t read it, coz it all with kanji, o.0 here, everyone already become human, it’s a short one, like an omake. But it’s not that bad. It’s fun for me.

Ou, and for you that wonder “where are the last 6 CG’s on Easter no kiseki??” it’s actually will appeared itself when the date was changed to:
25 December (Christmas)
14 February (valentine’s day)
(err,, I forgot but it is for white day)
Your birthday, they ask you when you first played Easter no kiseki.
1 January (new year’s)
And the last CG was from minigame. It is a picture that predicted the future-job for each chara~~ I lolz when see some of them,, ^0^


13 thoughts on “Will O’ Wisp Portable

  1. Hisaki says:

    Just a while ago i bought this game, today i tried to change my birthday to the dates you mentioned but the whole story haven’t changed at all -.- and the CG’s was the same old ones. Can you please give me more details?

  2. Chie says:

    Hisaki-chan, i think you’re a bit misunderstanding here,,, if you change the date to your birthday, it doesn’t mean to change the story, but to add some CG that you can’t get on the story of will o wisp easter no kiseki, so, first thing you have to do is, finishing one route on easter no kiseki, then after that you changed the date, then you’ll see the main menu was changed, there was addition in the main menu, ‘greeting card’ in katakana of course,, :-D, then you have to select that menu, and each chara wap sending you a card through that menu,, after that, you have to save the system, so when you changed again your date, it will be saved on your cg collection,, ^^,

    Is this one clear enough for you??? I hope so ^^v
    But, if it’s not, feel free to ask me again, something that you still not understand,, ^0^

  3. Chie says:

    you’re welcome~~ ^0^
    if i’m not wrong, the chara was design by Kagerou (a team of two people)

    indeed, their art was sooo beautiful,, >x<

    • Chie says:

      you’re welcome~~ glad to be useful~~ XDD

      yay~~ i like ignis too~~ wel,, but gyl isn’t really my type~~ ^^v
      i LOL at Ignis and Gyl ‘s future works *grin*

  4. Sesshomaru47 says:

    I changed the date and nothing happened….Let’s see I’ve finished all the main story and on the Easter kiseki I’ve finished Jack and Gyl (pun) Ignius, the annoying maids, and Hobgobilin or whatever his name is. Still have Will to go. So I changed the date to the 12/25….now what? Save it and go back to the main menu? Nothing there…keep playing, still nothing there. There are 5 CG’s for the above guys..It’s driving me crazy, I’m doing something wrong.

    • Chie says:

      fyi, if you change the date and want to see the greeting cards, you don’t have to play the game, you just have to wait until the op finished and you will see two option, greeting cards and main menu,, of course you have to choose the greeting cards,,

      Or, if you still can’t still see it, try to change the psp system to new year, b’day, etc,,
      Or you can try to finished everybody’s route on the 3rd game, under the easter no kiseki option, don’t worry, that game was really short,, ^0^
      If you face another problem, just ask me again,, i hope i could help,, XP

    • Chie says:

      you’re welcome~~ XDD
      you should play another otomate’s game then XPP
      like hakuouki or arcobaleno,,,
      i’ve finished hakuouki, and it’s great,, though the story a bit though to read, since it’s old kanji @_@
      and arcobaleno still untouched LOL, i want to finished zoku hime hibi and then tried to play it ^^,

  5. Gaze says:

    If I remembered again, the game didn’t ask my b’day… ;_;

    So first you should be asked on your first gameplay on Easter no Kiseki, right? But the game just ask my name and there’s no option to choose my birthday… What should I do?

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