Kimi ni Todoke 07

ugyaa~~ after i watched this episode, now i want Sawako to be paired with Ryuu~~!! "well then, ryuu, do you like her (sawako)?" "maa~~ Casual type like" (kyaaa~~n *fangirling scream,, ryuu's exclamation was so moe~~ ) it is fit well with Sawako rite~~?? ^0^ Ryuu's smile attack!! *hiroshi


Kimi ni Todoke 06

:hiroshi: i can't tell whether the Uwasa's arc already finished or not, cause the real villain isn't revealed yet,,, -_-;; this is the most episode's with tears. finally Yoshino and Yano know that Sawako really is love them, and they're now 'officially' become friends,, LOL actually, i'm still interested with the girl that actually spread … Continue reading Kimi ni Todoke 06