Fall – Autumn October TBR 2016

It’s Fall! and it’s time to read moar London Victorian books //no
haha, I think I’ll always need to read London Victorian books regardless of the season ww

1. Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster (London Steampunk #1)

welp, actually currently reading this one, but since I started on oct it still count riiteee //winkwonk
London Steampunk, Vampires, Fancy technologies, muscle and biceps ahaha what do I need moar? ww :p
(I’m using the French cover, I’m not really liking the US/UK cover ;; )

2. The Architect of Song (Haunted Hearts Legacy #1) by. A.G. Howards

All I know about this book is that the heroine is a deaf highborn Lady. A strong-willed one I suppose, since she fights to protect her estate. And that is enough for me to put my full interest in it, and it’s a series! I am all open ready for a series ❤
Actually I had the ebook from last month, but I kinda wanted to read it from a real book. and it takes 1 month for imported books to arrived here. oh, the joy of an overseas fangirl :’)

3. Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) by. Sarah J Maas

I’m so thrilled and excited for this jewel, I cant bring my self to read it ;;w;; I’m just so scared of how it’ll turned out. I feel like I need to re-read everything before I went with this one, but, WHERE CAN I FIND TIME TO READ ALL 5 BOOKS?! i’m scared i’m going to be spoiled if I’m not reading this asap.
My target is to finish this at least this month :’)

4. Marrying Winterbone (The Ravenels Series #2) by. Lisa Kleypas

The sequel for ‘The Cold-Hearted Rake’. Not really fond for the first book charas. but they’re okay. and I do interested with Winterborne. and most of all, I’m reading this for the sake of the THIRD book. EVIE & SEBASTIAN’S (From the wallflowers series) CHILD WILL BE IN IT OH GOSH. I’M SO EXCITED //

5. A study in scarlet women (Lady Sherlock #1) by. Sherry Thomas

a Lady Sherlock. L-A-D-Y. //instantdive
What else do I need to encourage me to read this? I’m so pumped up for the release date ///
Sooo many possibilities ////


6 thoughts on “Fall – Autumn October TBR 2016

  1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

    Yummy 😉 I love victorian books and BBC shows rofl-I sound like some old British woman.
    Tbh, I’m not into TOG, but I LOVED ACOMAF so I think this is the series for me by Mass.

    If you’ve not read North and South by Gaskell or seen the BBC DO IT rofl.

    • chiE says:

      AHAHA those BBC shows does made me feels like an old British obasan ww
      I personally loved ACOMAF more than ToG actually, I think it’s because Maas is already more ‘experienced’ when she write’s her second series //

      IKR THAT NORTH AND SOUTH SERIES OMG. I’m still searching for it haha, and I feel like I’m gonna go dooowwnn with that series just from the synopsis haha godhelpme ww

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