Miracle Train Escort CD – Roppongi Fumi (CV. KENN)

at first time i heard this, i was just like 'umm~~ fuutsuu~~' but then, when i hear the sweet X sweet ver, i was just like WUT o.0 black roppongi, that was just unfit with him, though i was thinking like, my nose keep bleeding,, XDDDD yes, roppongi's line was SO AGGRESSIVE!! he said, that … Continue reading Miracle Train Escort CD – Roppongi Fumi (CV. KENN)


Miracle train 12 ~akari onore!!~

OMG,, mai roppongi was so darn hawt~~ >///< they started to notify us the complexes of roppongi's past, though it's still a blur one~~ now, they realized that the cause of the overdrive that happen recently was caused by akari-chan, and actually she's a passenger too before, but she lost her memory, and the conductor … Continue reading Miracle train 12 ~akari onore!!~