Rakuen no Uta 2 -last vol- [楽園のうた2]

nante suteki na pair desu nee~~~~ >////////////////////< so, Kamiyan, jyanakutte, Nachi, have cut his ties with his senpai~~ and somehow, he become a lil' bit close with Chris's friend [forgot his name LOL] but, somehow i know this friend was chibi. actually, at first he didn't really like Nachi, but somehow after talking and then … Continue reading Rakuen no Uta 2 -last vol- [楽園のうた2]


Rakuen no Uta [楽園のうた]

i've just finished this drama cd and LOL!somehow i figure out that this is shou-ai though i've seen the canon-pair was both otoko, i though it's just LOLfriendship, but it IS not~~ (─▽─) anyway, here's the cast list MIdorikawa HIkaru as Shin Kurisu Kamiya Hiroshi as Nachi Sasamoto Hirakwa Daisuke as Akira Tsukishima Morikubo Showtaro … Continue reading Rakuen no Uta [楽園のうた]