Code:Realize~創世の姫君~ review [prologue rants mostly 8″D]

It's the looong awaited package for me, I'd order this weeks ago, and somehow it got stuck on the shipping, but thank God, it's finally arrived safely #phew 8""D now lemme rantsreview some part of the prologue (y) it all started with kind of creepy black screen filled with text on how our emoheroine feels … Continue reading Code:Realize~創世の姫君~ review [prologue rants mostly 8″D]


Wand of Fortune PORTABLE~~!! PSP SAIKOU~!! i was just lurking for some info on Famitsu, and then i found this superb linkz~~ ^0^ YAY!! FINALLY WAND OF FORTUNE GONNA HAVE IT'S PORTABLE VERSION~~  since i don't have ps2 i just simply love the art ~~ KAzuki-san wa yappa sugoii~~ oohh,, and according to famitsu, it will be released sometimes on … Continue reading Wand of Fortune PORTABLE~~!! PSP SAIKOU~!!