The Architect of Song ( Haunted Hearts Legacy #1 ) by A.G. Howard Review / rant / book discussion



My first A.G. Howard book! have been hearing a lot about her, and finally I pick her latest book, with this yummy title ❤

Cliche spoiler free synopsis

Our heroine is a deaf lady, just lost her loving mother, while still mourning she needs to protect her own estate from another hottie-lord :’D
After losing her mother, she founds out she can see ghost, welp, just one particular actually, and now she must chose between the real-flesh hot-dude-lord or the ghost that understand her emotionally and spiritually ?

This rev sounds effin cliche demn ww

A lil bit longer, still spoiler free ver.

Juliet Emerline, is a deaf noble lady, that just lost her loving mother. Still struggle with her own mourning,, she founds that some random /hottie/ Lord named Thornton wants to snacthed her estate because of the ‘unique’ architecture (according to Lord Thornton tho) but that estate is like the only things that’ll connect her with her late mother, so much memories in that estate that she couldn’t let go. So, she needs to be a slaayyy Lady and ‘fight’ the hottie Lord.
She’s pretty awesome actually. She can read lip really well. So, even though she’s deaf, she still could ‘maintain’ her social skill with others so that they won’t realized that she’s deaf. Tho sometimes she found it hard to control her voice volume.. But still, she slayed most of it.

After losing her mother, she actually started to see ghost, well just ONE particular ghost. And he’s a hottie too haha XD
She can ‘hear’ again cause of him, tho I mean is his voice and singing only. She still can’t hear what happened around her, she can only hear the hottie ghost that she started to called Hawk. These two always spend time together, cause they need each other. She needs him cause she can ‘hear’ again through him, and he needs her presence that served as light to his darkness.

Other than her ‘battle’ to slay the hottie Lord Thornton, she needs to tear her heart, choosing between the deep-emotionally-connected ghost, or the hottie-lord-real-flesh that obv start to liking her, even flirts around haha cause she had a really great personality and pretty ofc //wiggles eyebrow

I wonder how this will end, it’s a series, I can’t stahp my hype for this series //// already readin a 100somthin pages, and it SOO GUUHD, so intriguing, keeps me curious to read the next page !
I’m kinda curious with A.G. Howard’s other books, like Splintered. I think I’m gonna binge read that one after this hehe ///



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