薔薇に隠されしヴェリテ – Bara ni Kakusareshi Verite UnBoxing plus /prologue/ sneak peak

I can never -not- be excited for every ichicolumn project ❤ Otomate had disappoint me several times, but their collaboration with ichicolumn, n e v e r ////
their last project, Hana-Ichi have a special spot in my heart ////

I pre-ordered the amazon limited edition ver, so I got a bonus Drama cd ❤
let’s unbox this ❤

first, obv, we got the main game ❤
the limited edition package is as usual, beautifully made, and I like the way they print the red rose logo on the ‘stopper'(?) to open the package ❤


next, we got Drama CD and Soundtrack CD bundled together ❤
Title(Drama CD): Menkai wa Rendezvouz
Cast: Shiraii, Torichan, Okitsu-san ❤
They have a beautiful cover /// just like hana-ichi series, this game have a beautiful BGM lists, so it doesn’t hurt to pay extra for this babies ❤


Last is the drama CD, that ONLY came when u pre-ordered on Amazon.
Title: Yane ura heya no Soire~ (Do I read that kanji right? idek ww )
Cast list: Shiraii, Okitsu-san, Torichan ❤
I usually don’t even care with extra drama cds, I just don’t ww usually because their quality are top shit and just aimlessly sprinkling sugar anywhere they want.
but not with ichicolumn /// they made it well, and the comedy part really got me hard ww

that’s it.
it’s pretty ‘lonely’ actually for a ‘limited edition’ package.. I usually got some booklet-ish thingy in this, but looks like otomate decided to put drama CD and OST CD only this time :’)
I’m much tempted to PO the Stellaworth ver, but my wallet won’t agree with me.. so , yeah :’) //broke

-prologue sneak peak-

I’ve play thorugh the prologue, so far so guuhhdd..
got a lot of Hana-ichi’s vibes in it.. in a good way I mean.
Both of their timeline was around 1800ish, so, the Lord-Commoners thingy is still going on heree //winkwonk //wiggles eyebrow
and my most favourite part is, NO USELESS MONOLOGUE HAHA
otomate usually got this badhabit of monolog-ing everything to the point of boredom for me.

So, our heroine, Rize is a Lady maid for Antoinette, idek how to spell their name lol. The queen that supposed to be dead , decapitated by her people in the real history I suppose.
and, Rize is not just some boring lady maid apparently, cause Antoinette likes her so much, especially for her bluntness. Antoinette her self doesn’t seem that bad. she’s just oblivious I suppose. sometimes obliviousness could kill people indeed..
Antoinette being lonely since her sisters got married off, and Rize is the one who always cheers her up, and helps her learning France cause she supposed to be married off to some France Lord.

And as we know in the web, something happen ( I won’t spoil here) , and somehow RIze found her self need to act as Antoinette…
and the /real/ story beginssss..

The characters so far are intriguing, even the queen and the other meshitsukai seems fine to me ///

Can’t wait to play more and enter each of their route ❤

I’m so happy I bought this ❤


7 thoughts on “薔薇に隠されしヴェリテ – Bara ni Kakusareshi Verite UnBoxing plus /prologue/ sneak peak

  1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

    Can’t wait to see your review! I agree–so glad there are no monologues! The only thing that caught me off guard was the damn keigo holy shiet like I can’t play it because I’m so bad at this rofl.

    I love the art, music is GORGEOUS and the ikeman are perf ❤

  2. Ambre Pjlt says:

    Hey! I also got the game and 100% finished it! 😀 Did you enjoy it? I really would love to know other people’s opinion on this one, can’t find any blogger who did a review on this 😥

    • chiE says:

      Heeyy!! I’m still halfway, and pretty much enjoy the game. But I need to admit that Hanaichi is much better story-wise 😂
      Maybe bcoz I put too much expectations for this one 😂
      But the system def got better ❤

      Yeah, this game isn't as popular as the other amongst overseas fangirl 😭

      • Simmi Gaming (@Simmi_Gaming) says:

        Actually BaraKaku is my very first Otoge I played so I didn’t have anything to compare it to, which is probably why I loved it so much while other thought it was just meh 😄 But I’m glad you still enjoyed it :3 You got me curious about Hanaichi though 😮 what is it?! gotta google it now 😄

      • chiE says:

        Ooh!! This is actually a good game for a first otoge since it have nice system (mini game and stats thingy 😊)
        Hanaihi basically is a game released by the same company of barakaku, and for me the story was a lot more heart touching, comedy on point, and it’s just one of my most fave otoge hehe 😊😘

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