A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOMAF) review / rants / discussion

contain spoiler for both ACOTAR-ACOMAF

Resized acotar acomaf

Overall: ALL OF THE STARS IN THE UNIVERSE ★★★★★♥︎★★★★★
okay, since the rating system (GR) max is 5, it’s 5 out of 5 stars ///

by the Great Cauldron I can’t even with this book. too many feels so wicked so /steamy/ i’m evaporating

So, this is the second instalment of ACOTAR, A Court of Thorns and Roses. Basically, ACOTAR is a retelling of beauty and the beast, with a touch of Fae sexiness and wickedness.

The sequel is mainly feels/steamysteamboat for me.

Tamlin. anybody still remember him? his screen time is like, so short, and I ain’t complaining anything about that anyway. Let’s discuss about this one angst(?) High-Fae Lord first.

Personally for me, he’s very much charming at the first book, obv. He’s the only ‘High-Fae Lord’ I’ve known. Using a bloody smexy mask with that marvelous face contour(?)/bone(?)

But, sometimes, he’s affection towards Feyre felt kinda rushed. And I realized it alasly on the second book, when everything’s going down already.

The fact that he locked her up, treat her like a fragile being ( when actually, somewhere deep inside she’s much much powerful than him after the her Fae transformation ) is somewhat kinda /understandable for me. He endured a LOT of things, emotions when he became Amarantha’s whore #2 (Rhysand’s stand-by lel). Somewhere, some point, especially when Feyre did her challenges to undid the curse, Tamlin broke/snap something inside him. Just as what Feyre always said in the book. She’s got broken by Amaranthas, and I don’t think Tamlin got through with that either, neither Rhysand actually. They all broken at some point. BUT, that doesn’t corrected what He had done to her. So, it’s rational to me that Feyre chose to stay at night court, and then fall in love with another person (that’s actually her REAL mate amg)

Enough with Tamlin and his spring court.


Mor is such a fun BFF XD, and Amren, our glorious almighty Amren. She slaayyy so much I feel like hugging her evurytime www

I’m still shocked she only drinks goat/lamb bloods. I REALLY HONESTLY thought her food would be much more grotesque, I mean, like, human or maybe Fae’s blood, girls only, something like that ww

And, I have a crazy theory about her.

When Sarah’s explain about her power, that is manipulating her enemies to ‘see’ their what they most fear so much, either it’s a ‘being’ or a ‘situation’ or maybe ‘future’. I can’t help but remembering the Valg Prince from TOG series. Rhysand said she’s not from /this/ world, And the fact that Sarah explain to us that TOG and ACOTAR is still in one universe. I kinda saw it as, Amren being one from the valg princes clan/group..

I wished Sarah made a spin-off where these two worlds (ToG / ACOTAR) worlds collide.

That end-cliff


Can’t wait to see Rhysand and his pokerface, and our dear Feyre with her acting oscar level haha XD


5 thoughts on “A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOMAF) review / rants / discussion

  1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

    OMG yas!!! I honestly hated the throne of glass series because Caleana whatever her name is was (excuse my language) a bitch. She hated other girls who looked better than her and was the epitome of a Mary Sue.

    Feyre is so much more likable and RHYSAND!!! I honestly wasn’t sure how to feel about him in the first book because of how he painted her and stuff but after I read the second book, where he explained everything, I just wanted the world to love him. He is bae and I want my own Ryhsand XD

    I also didn’t like Tamlin. He started off ok but like you said the romance went way too fast. And omg the last bit at book 2! I can’t believe Lucien’s mate was her sister like omg.

    Have you read the Lunar Chronicles? ^^

    • chiE says:

      haha, I know Calaena could be annoying at some points :p but her sassiness just wiped it all off for me, and I fall in love with her so mucchh haha XD

      RHYSAND YASS PLEASEEEEE I’m the type who easily falls for the wicked villain dudes, so, yeah HAHA

      and the fact that he couldn’t ‘throw off’ Feyre from Tamlin’s side, even though he knows Feyre’s lying ww

      the retelling with cyborg series?? I wanted to read that ! , but since it’s setting is futuristic, I’m still putting it on hold haha XD I’m in the kingdom-fantasy-historical-fiction mood for the last few month XD
      is it a good one for u? I heard a lot of positive review about it!

      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        Haha well at least you’re having fn with TOFG series so that’s awesome! XD
        OMG YAS.
        Rhysand is the definition of husband lol
        I’m not sure how Lucien and Elain are going to work tbh bc it was soooooo sudden! I hope it works out though but she only has one book to wrap everything up.
        I did get super mad at Lucien though in the beginning of book 2 bc despite how he had to listen to Tamlin, he let Feyre slowly go insane. He tried to help at first but later just didn’t do anything more than “I’ll try and talk to him…” like NOOOOOO Feyre is fading away do something!
        Haha and omg yes!! The love interest, Prince Kai, is SOOOOOOOOOO good. He and Rhysand are tied for me tbh!!
        I highly recommend that series it’s so good.

      • chiE says:

        Such husbando material ❤
        Aren't Rhysand's parents are mate too? but their relationship doesn't look that 'happy' (?) from what he told Feyre.. I'm sensing SJMaas will twist this lucienXelain mating thing, MY HEART IS NOT READY :')

        yeah, he kinda 'ditch' her actually.. But I feel sorry for Lucien too somehow ;;w;;

        p-prince Kai?? I'm having amnesia haha I CAN'T REMEMBER WHO IS THIS PRINCE?! www
        Rhysand is bae ❤ ❤

        Yash! I'm having it on my to-read list !!

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