Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 6 – Darius (Part 1)「遥かなる時空の中で6 レビュー」

after the ‘unmei scene -here-

generous Darius <3
it’s kinda their day-off from onryou-taiji (demon exorcism) at the town.

Darius decided to be a kind generous rich dude and spoiled his ‘woman’. actually moar like ‘daughter’ ww ///w\\\ though his true mokuteki/purpose was to cheer her up, cause onryou-taiji ain’t an easy task ya’ll

He takes Azusa to the department store at Ginza to buys her some super fancy dress and accessories ❤

As they’re walking, people around them starts to ‘mesmerised’ by how bootiful Darius is, and throw some jealousy on Azusa, on how lucky she gets to be the one who walks together with such a bootiful dude 8’D yeah, being popular is never easy I guess….

As you know how charai kind our Darius is, he told Azusa that he thinks those people talking about them because of how cute and adorable Azusa is www how kind of you sir :’v

at situation like this, I am sincerely confused about his true feelings, is it just him wanting to praise her, or actually to tease her? I’ll never know I guess 8”D

and how he ‘tsui’ Propose her because her level of cuteness is overflowing, PFFFTT

tsui propose shichatta~ tehe-pero //no

Azusa thought she was only trying things LOL how dense of you girl ww

but of course, our super-generous and rich Darius won’t let beautiful things slip off from her just like that, so he wants to buy ALL of the things she tried, but she feels so bad couldn’t give anything back to him just give him your kokoro and karada he’ll be delightful so in the end, Darius only bought the Necklace for her. the CG here is so soft-colourful eye-candy to me

this kind of side-scene that is so adorable and fuwafuwa is my fave ❤



Heroine said: ‘why are we holding hands agian?’
Darius: “of course so you wouldn’t get lost (from me)”
poor heroine feels like she shouldn’t ‘feel’ like being on a date with him ;;

because of some trouble Darius founds out that she’s been slipping around from the house. and the other’s helping her..

this is when everything went kinda dark 😮



I know Darius has some ‘doS’ smell on him since the first time he appeared, but I never thought it’ll be this dark-angst ;;w;;

he’s kinda angry to her, but not really want to scold her, and I think he doesn’t even sure about he’s own feeling about this whole situation with him and her… so I guess(?) he unconsciously feed her in a rough way, or maybe again, he did it on purpose, cause you know, it’s that Darius we’re talking about :”>



it’s been a while since Azusa and friends regularly snuck out from the house. it escalate to the point where she finally met with our lovely Chiyo such ideal waifu material //w\\


Chiyo is the miko for the white dragon, and when the two mikos meet each other, they open some ‘destiny’ thingy, so even though Azusa got back to Darius’s house, somehow a portal is opened for her to go back to Chiyo’s side, and Darius couldn’t do anything about it. Darius felt the presence of ‘kirin’ that surrounds her, so he realised that she met with the other miko, Chiyo, he feels so desperate, BETRAYED and angry at the same time, his attitude kinda scared Azusa, and suddenly he tried to makes her wear the necklace that he gave her before, but Azusa is so tense in the whole process cause she didn’t really trust Darius anymore after what he did before, she feels his cold fingers touching her neck as he tied the necklace.

poor Darius ;;w;; i feel really sorry for him in this scene, I DIDN’T MEAN TO BETRAY YOU MY DEAR DARIUS, I DIDN’T KNOW IF WE MET CHIYO THIS BIZARRE THING COULD HAPPEN ;;w;; FORGIVE MEEEHHH //bricked


After that the portal’s opened and she went poooff to Chiyo’s place.

since she left him, Darius was unconciously acting strange.
like ‘unconciously’ crushing Dalia flower that he loved so much, ruudo realised this and he understand the reason is Azusa leaving his side. ;;w;;

continue on part 2

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