RE:VICE[D] Review-mostly rants 8D- (prologue part)

So I got tempted by otomate’s sinful project again, and ended up buying this on amazon 8″D
one thing for sure I regret nothing at all at this point after I bought the game. nau let’s stop the trash-talk and enter the review already 8D
{FRIENDLY REMINDER} Despite Living in Japan for more than a year now, my kanji-reading level is still shit-like-level, so I apologized first if there’s something I miss-translate-understand from the game 8DD


Our heroine is one of the ‘4-kings’ that was choosen by the ‘God’ -Let’s call Him Maou- on the ‘Makai’ world.
apparently our lovely and mighty Maou choose to went for some adventure yo 8D

So he chose the heroine to ‘act’ temporary Maou for his absence. So he gave her the ‘Ring’ as proof that she IS the Maou for NOW and to silence those who oppose her while she act as the temporary Maou ~
days and months passed.. but our lovely and mighty Maou hasn’t come back to the Makai world. 😦 Oh no, I hope he didn’t neglect his job as Maou -JK lol-

Makai world is on danger if the Maou isn’t there for a long time, so finally all of the ‘4-kings’ that was choosen by him previously go on a journey to find the new Maou on ‘our’ world. not the Makai world one haha xD how to english omg
looks like the reason they choose our world simply because some old-book told them so 8D How Convenient :3
so here they are, disguising as a normal human being, lazy-ing around on some random kotatsu 8D

Here, our heroine’s being annoyed by the lazy dudes that supposed to search for our new lovely mighty Maou xD
{Friendly Reminder-again}I think i’ll rant about the heroine more that i should have to because she is just simply adorable lovable and cool haha xD it’s just so rare for otomate to make some heroine that lovable for my taste usually, so this is new to me =))

SEE?! not everyday you found Otomate’s heroine saying ‘JUST DIE’ =)) -that is a usual thing for Quinrose heroine though -ahem- 8D-

Apparently our heroine disguised as a normal high-school student, and this is her friend. and her ‘koudou’ doesn’t match with normal as she thinks it is though 8″D

Here’s our first candidate of Maou. voiced by Kimura Ryouhei. Ikemen. Blonde. IS HE THE SUPER IDOL KISE RYO— -ahem-
He is Iroha, good at sports, have high grades, but zannen nagara his attitude is shit 8″D nobody’s perfect yo 8″D

“I don’t want to waste my time on class just sitting and hear them(teacher) only read the textbook outloud” GOD BLESS YOU SIR

Next to our second candidate, Voiced by dai-senpai Maeno Tomoaki, his name is Ryuuga, work as a Host on some random Host Club named “MAOH” MASAKA GUUZEN?! no, it’s too obvious to named your host club like that lol so I assume he’s not our lovely might new Maou =))

next to Ryuuga is SUIU スイウ I can’t make a cool romaji version out of that katakana ww someone please tell me if u have some idea 8D
as u can see from the previous pic, he is one of the 4-kings. he is voiced by mai lovely Tachibana Shinnosuke IMG_2269

I’m sorry the fact that he called himself ore-sama and voiced by Suzuki Chihiro… I can’t get rid of Noel from Wand of Fortune image’s from him 8D this chibi boy is one of the 4-kings too, named Shinku.

OUR THIRD CANDIDATE IS KIRITOOOO— -ahem- I.. I mean A cute shota voiced by Matsuoka. I am so glad he didn’t have a black hair or i will forever call him Kiriro. since Matsuoka is the ONLY reason i bought this game =)) I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF HIS CUTE SOFT VOICE OMG ILU KIRITO–
back to our review, 8D he is a hikki-child that loves books so much apparently. and he’s afraid of new people that he doesn’t really know~ HERE HERE, COME TO ONEESAMA I WONT BITE … HARD … *drools*

His name’s Hinatsu btw 8D he’s guessing her as shinku’s oneesan. and here’s our lovely heroine’s react 8DD
I love her so much xD


Next Candidate is a lovely ikemen dude that found our heroine STAARRES super intense at some plushy doll, so he decided to bought it and give it to her. HOW KIND OF YOU SIR ❤ he is voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko, and his name is Yukine.. idk, it seems to girly for me 8D
and i think he's our true Maou(?) since he's the dude on the cover haha =))

and the fact that he knows her name even w/o her tells it first 😮


aaannd, this is the end of the prologue xD
so far I’m already in love with the chara, story, and seiyuu xD
but for the art idk, this isn’t my type, but it’s not that bad too! I think it’s the same person who draws Hiiro no Kakera 4, as for the super vivid coloring type.. i just used to otomate’s komakai-soft type of art so yeah 8D kind of new to me, but this isn’t bad actually xD

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