[News] Fandisk of that popular game from otomate~

1. HanaOni will have a fandisk~~ yay~~ xDDD
the title is Hana Oni ~Yume no Tsuzuki~
will be released 2012, March~

hana oni fandisk

kya~~~h can’t wait to see moar Kaki’s blushing xDD

2. Isshoni Gohan X Otomate
isshoni gohan originaly is a Drama CD that is popular because of it’s uniqueness, they made the boy described as some famous food~ lol

official site

3. Scared Rider ZechS Portable~
this series will be ported to PSP~~

4. Arcana Familia -La storia della Arcana Famiglia- Character song mini album
01. 「 七つの海 」 / リベルタ starring 福山潤 (Nanatsu no Umi) / Liverta Starring Fukuyama Jun
02. 「 ピリオドの向こう側 」 / ノヴァ starring 代永翼 (Biriodo no mukou gawa) / Nova starring Toyonaga Tsubasa
03. 「 Amore Bambina!! 」 / デビト starring 吉野裕行 (Amore Bambina!!) / David starring Yoshino Hiroyuki
04. 「 Dance3~ハッピーハイテンション~ 」 / パーチェ starring 杉田智和 ※「3」は「三乗」 (Dance3~Happy high tension~) / Bache starring sugita tomokazu
05. 「 ひかり 」 / ルカ starring 中村悠一 (hikari) / Luka starring Nakamura Yuuichi
06. 「 Resolution 」 / ダンテ starring 小杉十郎太 (resolution) / Dante starring Jurota Kosugi

released date is still unknown~ ~_~
07. 「 月光 」 / ジョーリィ starring 遊佐浩二

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