Miyako FD PV & other otoge info~

is it only me or this FD’s theme really into ‘Seimei Vs Izumi’ ?? *wakuwaku* xDD
what’s with that CG and Seimei’s sentence ‘Aitsu mo Omae ni ha watasanai’ KYAAA~~~HHH
what do you guys think?? is it only me?? wwww
ok, enough for the fangirling, xD now to the other otoge info~~

1. Kioisentai LOVE&PEACE
Official site
reminds me to hotokenser, but this one with marvellous seiyuu list xD

2. Kimi Kare
official site
scheduled to be released on 2012
and here’s the seiyuu list
Sugita Tomokazu as Suga HIroki
Miki Shinichirou as Ayasegawa Saito
Namkiakwa Daisuke as Yuuki Takashi
Nakamura Yuichi as Sakisaka Kou
Fukuyama Jun as Minami Chitose
Morikubo Shoutarou Sakuraba Shuuya

the art seems like cellphone-type otoge~ it’s not kira-kira like otomate usual games >_<

3. Beyond the Future -Fix the TIme Arrows-
official site
they have updated the system and some PV & OP
PV vid

‘Spectaculer Otome Adventure’ wwwwwww
and scheduled to be released 1st December this year xDD

OP and ED was sung by KENN

they said this is an RPG fantasy otoge xD
and they have some kind of world map, and status for each chara, even the heroine was included.
but still, this game is focused and Novel-Adventure i think (?)
and the CG is unique, reminds me to Atorie series~


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