otoge info july 2011

1. otomate have a new game titled
十三支演義 ~偃月三国伝~ (jyuzaengi engetsu sangoku ten)
Release: feb 2012
official site here
the art looks similar to S.Y.K for me xD and the heroine is neko-mimi <33 and some of the bishies too *nosebleed*

so, the heroine is a half of cat and human, it's a rare being, so she lived in the deep mountain that almost been untouched by human being. and the story rolls around she and her neko's tribe.

this game has 9-10 chapters, inculded main and special route.

劉備:石田彰(恋愛テーマ:忠義)(Ishida Akira )
張飛:岡本信彦(義弟) (Okamoto Nobuhiko)
趙雲:鈴村健一(誠実) (Suzumura Kenichi)
曹操:鳥海浩輔(執着) (Toriumi Kousuke)
夏侯惇:鈴木達央(宿敵) (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
張遼:遊佐浩二(信頼) (Yusa Kouji) HELL YEAAHH!!!*bricked*

and, looks like the heroine was the ‘fighter’ type~ yay~ xD

2. Renai Banchou 2 New Character’s CV
=PSP 2011年発売予定
ホスト番長:森川智之 (host banchou = Morikawa Toshiyuki)
ヤンキー番長:吉野裕行 (yankee Banchou = Yoshino Hiroyuki ) *ysy*

3. Quinrose
Omocha no Bako no Kuni will be released on PSP, around December this year,,,
banzai for psp xDD

4. Finally some PC otoge
title: OZMAFIA
developer: Poni Pachet SY
Released: around 2012

the heroine is a girl with AMNESIA (again -__-) named Fuka
she was protected by ‘Oz’ family when she was about to be killed (Oz? pandora hearts LOL)
she’s still trying to find a way to live in the city.
and then started the fairy tale love story with mafia (LOL quinrose anyone?)

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