Anime Summer 2011 Rants~

Natsume Yuujinchou San

OMG the first episode make me cry just like the 1st and 2nd season T___T
i forgot is this scene was in the manga or not, but somehow i remember see that little cup in the manga ~_~
anyway,, this episode was just great, and like the 2nd season, they do some ‘introduction’ to people that maybe haven’t watch the previous season,, and the script is great, the BGM just make it MOAR great <33 i love everything from the series,, though looks like they changed studio(?) tha art looks same for me xD

Nyanko-sensei is adorable as always <333
I WANT HIS PLUSHIEEE, but it's expensive T____T

this scene is the most tear-rob part T__T

so, Natsume is kind hearted as always, catch this cup when it’s running all over the roof and then fall down

when natsume is attack by some demon, actually he broke his hand, but this tea cup was sacrificing his self to protect natsume,, so it’s scattered now T___T

his sentence here is soo heart breaking T__T

Usagi Drop

another drama cliche series, and i LOVE it,, i mean, wow, first episode and AGAIN my tears dropping all over my face LOLOL they made the story line very good, i think this one is better than Clannad (maybe)
and i’m still curious did Rin was really jii-chan’s daughter LOL, i mean he’s already 79 years old xD i wonder jii-chan’s only take her as his adopted child together with her mom that now is disappearing??
anyway, Daikichi was so cool when he ask did Rin want to go over to his place,, xDD

and OMGOMG RIN’S WAAAYY SOOO MOEEEE and reminding me totally to NINO from Arakawa =)) THEIR HAIR AND LACK ON TALKING xDD

Kamisama Dolls

the concept was nice, but somehow lacking on how the develop it ?? ~_~ idk, but it’s worth to follow xD
more over Aki resembles Accelerator from To Aru series tooo much <33 love yandere xDD NOO I’M NOT M

oh and 2 other,


too lazy for the sc, but this one gave me the same feeling to A-channel, but somehow with Puella Magi Madoka Magica ‘s characters on it LOL

Mayo Chiki
I’ll follow this thing only for Hino Satoshi, Kitamura Eri’s S side LOL, and SUBARUUUU-SAMAAAAAAa OMGOMGOMG HE’S LAIK KAGAMINE LEN YANDERE VER LOL or trap ver maybe <33

still have sacred seven, No. 6, Blood-c, uta no prince sama, etc to watch,,
ugh, and tomorrow school is already start -__-

One thought on “Anime Summer 2011 Rants~

  1. twentyninenights says:

    Natsume Yuujinchou san was really good! Although the baba speaks so random, I can know the story after a memories from Natsume’s grandma appears. And, it seems Nyanko-sensei has grew more fat!

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