Otome game info – Juny ’11

1.『オトメイト Vocal Best ~Vol.1~』

2011.06.29 ON SALE
official site

01.「恋に落ちて」藤田麻衣子(緋色の欠片 より)- [Koi ni Ochite] Fujita Maiko (hiiro no kakera)
02.「Destination」藤谷桃 – Fujitani Momo
03.「Trace Of Love」藤谷桃(悠久ノ桜 より)- Fujitani Momo (Towa no Sakura)
04.「Due Destini」love solfege(エーデルブルーメ より) – (edel blume)
05.「運命の人」藤田麻衣子(蒼黒の楔~緋色の欠片3 より) – [Unmei no Hito] Fujita Maiko (Soukoku no Kusabi~ hiiro no kakera 3)
06.「はらり」吉岡亜衣加(薄桜鬼 より) – [harari] Yoshioka Aika (hakuouki)
07.「たえなる光とともに」love solfege(ウィル・オ・ウィスプ より) – [Taenaru hikari to tomo ni] (will ‘O Wisp)
08.「ひとりじゃない証」mami(ワンド オブ フォーチュン より) – [Hitori jyanai akashi] (Wand of Fortune)
11.「Departure」mao(S.Y.K ~新説西遊記~ より)- (S.Y.K ~Renshouden~)
12.「闇の彼方まで」吉岡亜衣加(薄桜鬼 ポータブル より)- [Yami no KAnata made] Yoshioka Aika (Hakuouki POrtable)
13.「桜散ル夜~ハナチルヤ~」みとせのりこ(華ヤカ哉、我ガ一族 より) – [Hanachiruya] Mitose Noriko (hana-ichi)
14.「約束しよう」 カンノユウキ – [Yakusoku shiyou] Kanon Yuuki
15.「消えない絆」カンノユウキ(二世の契り より)- [Kienai Ito] Kanon Yuuki

2. OMGOMGOMG CLOCK ZERO PSP PORT~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[PSP「CLOCK ZERO ~終焉の一秒~ Portable」[IF]

looks like will be released this september on 22nd ~~~ with new ED scenario LOL, and coment on CG just like WoF and Will ‘o Wisp kana??
i hope they didn’t delay this one~~ xDD
and FD please xDD

3. Renai Banchou 2nd LOL
[PSP「恋愛番長2 ミッドナイトレッスン!!」[IF]

looks like will be released this year~~

4. Uta no Prince-sama Remake~
うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪Repeat (LOL THE TITLE NAMING SENSE!!!)
so they’re upgrading the art, sound volume, etc, even the music game system.

5. 「エルクローネのアトリエ ~Dear for Otomate~」
Elkrone’s Atelier ~dear for otomate~
hmm,, Atelier series for girls?? i read on wiki, Atelier is a famous RPG game~

KYYAAAAAAHH~!!! *dieseverytimeseebishounenwithviolin*

4 thoughts on “Otome game info – Juny ’11

  1. Yukiru says:

    YESSSSSS!!! For CLOCK ZERO PSP XD *is extraordinarily happy and excited about it*
    I was going to reply to your post in MF but since I also followed you around to your blog here, so I’ll post here so I can say that I like your blog too 🙂 (has seen you around the english otome sekai before some)

    I’ve also got my eyes on the new Atelier game.. it looks lovely! I wouldn’t play the Atelier series normally because it’d eat up my time for playing otome, but this way I can add this one to my list without hesitation.

    • Chie says:

      YEAH~ i was really happy about that one too~~ i like the scenario and Art and BGM LOVELY xD
      oh, thank you for that 😀

      did you know what kind of game atelier is?
      other game besides otome that i’ve ever played was only FF and Valkyria chronicles, oh and Project Diva LOL clueless with other type game xDD

      • Yukiru says:

        You’re welcome^-^ *follows you*

        The Atelier series is an alchemist themed RPG, the main character is a cute girl and she”ll run her own atelier for creating items. You’ll get some tasks to do (collecting ingredients, defeating monsters etc) and do some character interaction – and you can get multiple endings. ..Actually I’ve never played this series but I’ve played Ar tonelico (another series by GUST) there are similarities between them esp. music and item creation.

      • Chie says:

        yay~ xD

        ah, it seems interesting, and otome spices will make it better xDD
        thx for the explanation~~

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