Death Connection PORTABLE

So I have finished all of them except Gloria and Nicolas, so I will make a quick summary of their route,, and for you who have finished Gloria / Nicolas ‘s route, please comment here to discuss about them, and what’s your opinion about their routes~~ xD


So I will start with my Fav guy, MEDICIS <33

He’s just so DAMN HAWT !!!
The first pic of him already approved that <33

He is just really my type, a royal family that know how to act cool and yasashii at times xDD
So, when they have a ryoukou to Medicis old house, this scene was just MELT YEAH MELTING MY HEART AND BODY
He ask her feeling about him, since the heroine didn’t really tell him properly that she likes him, he pushed her like that so that se would told him properly xDD

Oh, and his ED as usual, the shinigami was disappeared at Christmas morning, left the heroine alone, somehow seeing this continuously to the heroine is kind of cruel, she has to lose all of her precious person T_____T
Though the special event was fine, and finally they married, though Medicis will never aged~~


I think he’s the only one who have implicit ecchi scene with the heroine~~
Yeah, they done ‘it’

That’s why at the end they have a child, that kid’s name was Luciano T_T setsunai T_T Vicious still remember his promise to Luciano, that he will give his child a name that have a good meaning, (Luciano have a good meaning, but I forgot what is that @_@) and Luciano knows that from the Jigoku, he put a gamble with Jean, what will Vicious named his child xD and of course Luciano wins, though he didn’t expect that. Anyway, Jean thinks, he will named it ‘Daren’ from Dalentio, his boss~

it was just so fun to see his weakness is when his child called him papa xDD he just started to be sensitive, and just can’t say no to his child when he called him papa xDD
oh, and his child knows that his papa never age, but he take it as a cool thing, youkatta~

I’m just so happy that PSP ver have this special scene, if not, I will just crumbling on my bed, crying all day for his rotue T_T


Kono sister-complex me~!! xDD
Nah, it’s fine, since I like him and I’m a brother-complex type LOLOL 8DD

His ED was the most shocking for me, since in other routes he will just die for protecting the heroine, but this time when the heroine just start to realized and admit her feeling to Joshua is love, the heroine dead T__T shot by Guido T__T setsunai T_T that’s the first time in this game I saw the heroine die T___T

he is just too LOYAL to her, to some rate that he became a shinigami, make a contract with Guido, and wait for her soul to reincarnate, as a new person of course.
And he found her

Though the new soul, was kind of different in a good way, since she’s already in love with Joshua from the first time xD youkatta ne~~

I love him and his seiyuu xDD they synchronized perfectly~~
Can’t talk much about his route, but this scene was just MOEEEE!! *NOSEBLEED*
scene where the heroine’s take a bath, but the faucet is broken

HNGGHH *nosebleed-phase-1*

sunao jyanain dakara *fufu* *bricked*

ah really, or actually you’re happy with that? o.0 i’m happpy if it’s me 8DDDDD *BRICKED*



anyway, his ED was the same, disappeared shinigami, and then she somwhat called him back using Guido’s erebos~
and lol, he used Jean’s strange medicine, that will make him older just for sometime

medetashi~ medetashi~~

His route was just LOVELY

I mean, we can do this and that with JEAN, JEAN, that JEAN 8DDD
Did anyone realized that he looks older in CG rather than the Sprite (??)

Anyway, this one is a dead heroine again T_T and he waits for her reincarnation~

Though when he found him, the CG was kind of, err…

See, it looks like a harem ED xDD
But in the end, Jean unconsciously shed his tears, and our new heroine wipe his tears, though she didn’t know much about Jean yet~ lovey dovey~

he is the first guy i finished but have the least story line quality for me, since it’s just a bunch of rants from a playboy semi-psycho -__-

i’m sorry luciano’s fans, but his story just didn’t entertain me enough, but it’s not that bad,,
the ED was the same, disappear and appear~

What I like from this game isn’t just that contact part 8DD but the extra item we got, when we touch it, I mean, just read these SC

pity medicis ~_~

vicious, i have the same reaction with you 8DD


it’s fun to see Jean no komatta kao xDD

8 thoughts on “Death Connection PORTABLE

    • Chie says:

      LOL nggak kok, mereka kan cuma beda sktr 3 tahun,,
      trus bukan chi de tsunagatteru kyoudai~~
      route dia biasa aja,, cukup normal,, xD
      walau heroine nya kelamaan nyadar perasaannya sendiri -_-

  1. Michelle Dilan (@kreuz01) says:

    hi ~ just stumble upon your site ~ and i love how you describe how much did u like in every char. but for me since i finished all of it, i like Nicholas/Nicole’s character he’s just so cool ~ i meam just like u on Medicis, Nicholas, is my type ! haha
    anyway, i’ve finish all the characters but somehow in luciano’s case i can’t seem to open his special event ! and even if i re-play it again i still can’t unlock his special event …. do u somehow know how can i unlock it ?
    anyway, thanks again :]

  2. Michelle Dilan (@kreuz01) says:

    see, nicole/nicholas route is pretty interesting right ? i mean he’s like a perfect guy for me … without nicole’s inside him though … so i like the chapter where they got seperated and i was like “yes ! nicole wouldn’t be a hindrance now ~ ” hehe
    anyway, thanks for the link … i guess i miss out something for luci … gotta start playing his route again for the 5th time hehe

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