PANDORA ~君の名前を僕は知る~

So i have just finished one route for this game,,
but it feels not right @__@ looks like i got the bad ED, since 60% of Keith CG (the first route i played was Keith) is still unlocked.

at first i don’t know that this game is divided into BIG 2 Routes, roughly said Kazuto’s Route and Yuuki’s route, according to the first option that been choose we will ended up in different country’s military HQ.
as i don’t know it, i choose to save yuuki and no leaving him behind, since i though this is Otomate games afterall, we have to be clingy with everyone at first, and that decision made me ended up in 連合(gomen, idk how to romanize it) military HQ, and served there.

since yuuki was hurt badly for covering us, we made a deal with someone (where, actually there are two people) from 連合 soldier, we agreed to follow them, in exchange for Yuuki’s severe wound treatment.
so here we are, on 連合 HQ. some bijin-san was assigned to look for heroine’s mendou, and explain everything that the heroine’s didn’t understand~
and we met with some superior, Keith, and Robert.
shortly said, we finally can meet with Yuuki, but alas, he’s not the yuuki heroine’s know anymore

his body was bigger LOL he should be a small boy, shota, and one of his eyes is transplanted, and he lost his memories, so people from Koukoku transplanted fake memories on him someone tell me this is a cosplay of YAKUMO xDDDD he just lack on hair color xDDD

and somehow i only see two people on my status, Yuuki and Keith. so i choose Keith, the biseinen one, somehow i get tired with shota xPP
so here’s some spoiler CG again

LULWUT a stoice biseinen holding a teddy bear with that kind of expression,, worth to be drooled xDDD

of course he is so medatsu,,

uwa, FINALLY deredere side o//////o

oh, and the LULWUT reason why did it HAVE to be the heroine, because only her DNA that can pilot a gundam-look-like-robot that innovated by her parents, apparently she doesn’t know her parents did something like that.
well, i guess this reality makes her join 連合 military and do her best there.

fueh, trying to play his route again, according to some site, Keith have three ED
i want to see the rest, since the one i got was too setsunaii T___T

5 thoughts on “PANDORA ~君の名前を僕は知る~

    • Chie says:

      oh yes, i have replay his route only
      and i have got 3 ED of his. 2 good one, and 1 bad end~

      the route between good and bad was divided on the option where you fell the same thing when those people abduct you, you have to choose between tell it to the others, or just didn’t mind it at all, if you choose to tell them, you got his BE where keith leave you and die, but if you choose to just didn’t mind it, you can get his good ED, i don’t know which one will guide you to the 1st and 2nd ED, but it’s something about food, when you wear an apron, those option was the route branch~
      i hope this help xDD

      • veela says:

        8D! wow, you’re super quick at responding – thanks for the info!

        (XDD well, he’s definitely the best looking, so why wouldn’t you play all his routes??? kekeke… *_* I ❤ his uniform~~)

        Also, do you have any idea where I could find a walkthrough for this game? (^^; I can't seem to locate one….) THANK YOU! 🙂

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