Miyako otoge for PSP~ combination of Otomate and Sanctuary

so, i have just finished Seimei-sama’s route, and think of post about the main route and his here,, ^^,

“WARNING SPOILER and some images~”

that’s the very first thing you will see when play this game,,
something like prologue, explaining that there are two blue and red houseki

and then the heroine felt warmth on her hands, and the next thing we see is some bishies backgrounded by flower holding her hands *sfx-KYAAA* and asking her, did she heard his voice~

“yes i heard you’~ and the heroine didn’t realizes her name here

“do you feel hurt anywhere?” i thought here, ‘how generous is he’ xDD yasashii~~


“so you’re unhurt?”
wait, what’s with that expression?! and why did the flower disappeared?!! o.O

and the next scene is so LULWUT

WTF our bishies squeezing the heroine’s hand~~!!! xDDD *ROFL*

-untranslated kanji xDD can’t do it without voice, anyway looks like here, he assumed that his ‘works’ is done nicely-

LOL KONO ドS how can he said that after squeezing her hands~! xDD

and he even called her ‘things’
so, our main catch-able chara here is a ドS xDDD
first time to find a game like these ren-ai banchou uncounted, since the game was damedame for me, the scenario is the worst otomate game ever o.O sorry renai-banchou fans

so, our heroine here is made out from nothing by Abe no Seimei, as his shikigami, well according to my knowledge from ‘Shounen Onmyouji’ series, shikigami is should be a spirit that guides it’s master, but looks like here, the spirit made into more human-ish

so when the heroine asking for some explanation about her own existence casually, our ドS bishie said

with small voice the heroine called him goshujin-sama, and this is what she got

!!!!!! kono ijiwaru ドS

and he wants her to called him seimei-SAMA GYAAHHH not only ドS, but he is an ore-sama too xDDD nice combination da!

not long after that, seimei called heroine ‘san go’ but, she felt that she has her real name, that’s when we can change our heroine’s name.
but still, seimei called her san go, san literally means three, so she’s the third shikigami, the first shikigami was the red-haired tsundere shonen, and the second one is unbelievably chibi-creature looks like chicken or birds? AND VOICED BY MIDORIKAWA HIKARU !!! MOTTAINAI,,

and then, we met
Izumi, he is like the prince crown, the next person to be the king.
Yorimitsu, he is Izumi guardian CMIIW. and a stiff person,, it’s fun to observe his attitude xDD
Genshin, a priest, and looks like he knows and hiding a lot of things behind his closed eyes and smiling face

so, the story is about all of them, taking some task from the people from Miyako, started from small task like making love song (THAT’S TRUE xD) to checking ghost appearance, etc

after some point, we came to some place and fighting with these ayakashi
and somehow, IDK why, our main purpose changed to gather 3 things that can opened the door to hell, and seal that things(?)

that chara on the right was voiced by hinocchi, at first i didn’t realized it, until some points, when he used his normal voiced, and looks like i’ve heard this vocie somewhere before. AND IT IS HINOCCHI
man, his talent as seiyuu is just great,,, he can voice almost any type of chara,, ^^b

there, some omake, Yorimitsu and Izumi fighting with ayakashi

and after some looooooooong fighting with this stupid ayakashi, yes it IS LONG -though it’s interspersed by daily live, still that is a long fighting- finally we met a bigger ayakashi, called akuryou~~ lame name? xDD and our beloved seimei have to use his trump card to beat him

NANTO! our seimei is a half-spirit kitsune.
well, according to history, Abe no Seimei is suspected as a half-spirit Kitsune, for his tremendous power.

i can’t stand it, really, it just activated my fetish <333

looks like no one there knows about that half-spirit things.

after some explanation. they went back home. FYI that monster isn’t the last boss
the last boss is Douman, again bishie villain chara voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki

and the most thing that be an obstacle for me to finished seimei’s route is HIS FIGHT WITH DOUMAN!
and didn’t interspersed by anything, one-shot long fighting!
and after a long, kudaranai fingting (really, the fighting scenario is lame, you should play it yourself, it’s hard for me to make it in words) seimei is going berserk, and dumped to the hell, of course, our heroine follows him, and somewhat save him and make him realized his true existence as human being.

FYI that’s our seimei that’s going berserk
our heroine faced the same thing seimei’s mother faced.
FYI seimei’s parents was both killed by seimei, since his father was acting strange and violence, and then seimei’s going berserk and killed both of them.
before his mom died, he gave seimei ‘magatama’ so that when he changed his form to kitsune, he won’t went berserk.

and finally, loveydovey scene !!! good grief, this route really lack on loveydovey scene between those pair

LOL our heroine kissed seimei first


this time, seimei the one who kissed the heroine~~

LOLFTW the first kiss when the heroine’s start first was uncount, said seimei, since he didn’t admit his shikigami to do something without his permission xDD kono ore-sama otoko~~~~~


FINALLY! AT LAST! the last fight!
this thing cost a lot of time to finished too *fyuh*
and of course seimei wins~ Douman was dragged to hell since he tries to used un-appropriately hell’s power CMIIW

and then they’re going home~~

you should hear naka-pyon’s vocie here, ore-sama mixed with tsun’s feeling
MOOEEEEEEE *keeps bang her head on table*


yeah, i can’t help but stares that cg, since it’s rare on seimei’s route xDDD


so, actually i have some question, who is that “MASAKADO” man, he appeared after seimei conquered Douman, and he said something about musuko, ‘son’ but he isn’t seimei’s father rite? since he said, his father is a normal human being, and his mother is kitsune spirit.

oh and about the art, i’m a bit disappointed.
i thought they will do more than this.
though i like the way they do the effect like this one

their light effect was nice, but when it comes to body-posture and expression, that’s really lack.
oh, and the system too, not flashy as other otomate’s game. though this is a joint with sanctuary, at least they have to do something with that -__-


15 thoughts on “Miyako otoge for PSP~ combination of Otomate and Sanctuary

  1. Hana says:

    Hi! ^^ I hope you don’t mind my asking. I saw your comment at doujin-games and it seems like you managed to play this game. I’m using PSP firmware 5.50 Gen 2 D-3, which I think is the latest, but the game won’t load. So I was wondering what firmware you’re using on your PSP or if you could suggest anything that may solve the problem. Sorry for taking your time. xD;

  2. Hana says:

    Yaaaay, I finally got it working! xDD I used ‘iso tools’ to decrypt the eboot. The game kinda freezes during the OP movie so I had to just skip that. At least I can play it now. Thanks again! 😀

  3. twentyninenights says:

    Thanks for Seimei’s review… I’m playing it too and get really annoyed when the fighting scene begin ‘coz it’s really long! Wayyy too long! But overall, I think this game is good and can be compare to Hiiro no Kakera. And, have you tried Clock Zero? Umm, I’ve read your other blogpost and come to think you’re from Indonesia, right? ‘Coz me too… Yoroshiku~!

    • Chie says:

      you’re from indonesia?
      pake b indo aja deh klo gitu =))

      yep, fighitng scene nya puanjang abiz~ T_T
      lol kamu suka hiiro no kakera ya?
      saya mah nganggep itu game phail, klo illust nya bukan kazuki yone juga paling2 itu game tenggelam
      klo untuk story line, miyako jauh lebih bagus (buat saya)

      DAN BLOG MU TWENTY-SAN MEMBUAT SAYA TEBAKAR UNTUK MELANJUTKA MAIN CZ~~~!!! [berhenti di tengah2 gara2 ketagihan Kanuchi xD]

      • twentyninenights says:

        Yup, sebenernya HIiro no Kakera tuh otogame pertama yg kumainin… Makanya jd terus terkenang… He2x

        Yah, Miyako ceritanya lumayan keren ‘n bikin penasaran. Tiap org punya masalah yg ribet jg..!

        He2x… CZ keren lho! Mulanya saat liat walkthroughnya yg begitu panjang dan bercabang2 sempet bingung jg apa bakal tamat. Tp untungnya bisa complete jg main itu (byk bantuan jg sih)!

      • sharakael says:

        Hahaha, gw malah berasa MIYAKO rada boring… belon pernah maen Hiiro no Kakera sih, jadi ga bisa compare… ^^;

  4. Chie says:

    @sharakael: LOL emang klo di bandingin CZ,Beast master, bloody call, etc, itu cukup membosankan,, ;))
    LOL don’t flame me please, tp hiiro ituh project phail sangat at least for me 8DD

  5. Orenji says:

    Saya iri anda bisa bahasa Jepang… ;__;

    Game ini kayaknya menarik… ;_;
    Err.. Maksud saya Seimei-SAMA nya… sepertinya menarik…
    Tapi… orz
    In Japanese… orz

    Btw, ini hikaru miaka…
    Just in case if you haven’t realize it… :3

    • Chie says:


      hmm,, cukup menarik klo blh di bilang,, karena agak membosankan di tengah2~~ kurang plot twist xDD
      iyah, dia sangat HAWT *nosebleed* nakapyon membuatnya lebih hawt *drools*

      olen toh xDD
      btw, blog mu~~~ hetalia pair xDD

      • Orenji says:

        Iya, saya cuma tertarik sama Seimei-sama… :DD
        Ceritanya membosankan seperti apapun, asal ada bishie super hot yang membuat kita menanti CG yang hot dan smexy, pasti terasa ‘menarik’… ❤
        Siasat marketing yang luar biasa ya? xD

        Haii~ soalnya gambar pairing yang imut2 di lappie saya cuma itu… xD
        Sayang bukan AmericaxEngland… *sigh

      • Chie says:

        LOL benar sekali, untuk bishie yang hawt N smexy para fangirl akan melewati tantangan apapun xDD

        uoh~ kamu tertarik sama seiyuu2 di hetalia nggak?
        udah nonton seiyuu event mereka yang ke-2??
        itu MOEEE abiz ~~ xDD

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