Fall Anime 2010 rants ver. 0.01 xDDD

i just finished watching the third episode, and somehow want to post about it here 8DD

Agemaki as always, spreading his pheromone all over the place,, and somehow remembering me to Tamaki Suou,, NITERU xDDD

FINALLY they made some progress *giggles*
Zakuro already started her dere-dere phase xDDD though there are still a lil bit too much tsun2 over there 8D ma ii,,
and that white kitsune, it’s not kushimatsu-san rite??? @_@
and i hear Ami koshimizu’s voice there, the girl with hood <33

this episode was a case about kamikakushi little-girl only 8’D every time i heard kamikakushi i couldn’t help but remembered about violence from higurashi series ~_~
and, the truth is they’re not being spirited-away, they’re being eaten by some gross-bakemono. and ended with Zakuro conquer that bakemono~~

anyway, i though the ED for this Episode will be Hanazawa Kana X Hino satoshi @_@
why did it back to Nakahara Mai X Sakurai Takahiro pair @_@

i’m really surprised on the first 5 minute of the 1st episode,,
it’s just so LULWUT xDDDD
actually the 1st episode was kinda boring,, but when i see the seiyuu list, i decided to watch longer, until i heard Ishida-sama no koe <3333
and unitl i heard that GINGACHOU BISHOUNEN *LOLOLOL* and then his henshin scene xDD i decided to insert it on my lol~watch list 8DDD

oh, and the 3rd episode was as fabulous as the previous episode,, Takuto always win in a BIZARRE way *giggle*

Tegami Bachi REVERSE 3rd episode,,
hmm,, nothing special for this episode,, just some other filler,,,
about friendship, and at the end, Lag still didn’t know what to write on that special bullet he have -_-;;

she’s just too perfect <33 and i love it <33 i hope i can be like that,,, *giggle*
in this episode, her oyaji knows about her otaku hobby, though kyousuke come to save her,,,
don’t you think the way kyousuke think now was influenced by eroge already xDDD look at that option that appear before he decided to tell his father that that r-18 thing was his xDD

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