Sangoku Rensenki -Gentoku’s Arc-

since i have finsihed this a quite long time ago @_@ i can’t remember clearly, so as always i will just rants about the CG ^^v

as expected from miki-san no chara, always have some onii-chan rashii na kanji Shanon, Hijikata
he likes to lol!pat aother people’s head like that,,,
well,, he often did this to hana,,, and she isn’t really distracted with that, and still feel gentoku like her nii-chan

Gentoku’s arc doesn’t really have that much lovey-dovey scene at first, inversely, the missunderstanding part was much bigger, though it’s not in the negative mean, but it’s just they don’t know how the other party feel, so they keep to hid their feeling. *yareyare*

i’m so sorry not to talk about the history line and how they’re fighting, since i, my self, didn’t really understand it @_@ though hi have used AGTH already T__T poor me,,
well,, when Hana try to read the books again to help with the war-plan, Gentoku was with her, the books emit some light again, and she saw the library scenery for a while, after that pop-out some option, wether we want to go home, or stay there a lil bit more. if we choose go home, of course i will enter the normal route, so i choose to stay there a lil bit more.
suddenly they’re already in some open-place, looks like in the mountain.
as they’re talking to the people there, they know that they were in the 10-years ago age, when some yellow-something do a revolution.
err,, i forgot what, but looks like they have to stop/help the revolution so the page will be filled and they could go home.
after struggling here and there, in the palace, they found some baby, that actually the heir of the king.
they bought him to a safe place, and live there for a couple days.
Hana was left with the responsible to take care the baby, and gentoku was went out, i don’t know what is he doing.
anyway, when she tried to take care the baby, the baby won’t stop crying until she carry out her strap phone that can make a ringing sound. then she felt asleep.
well, as the CG show, gentoku arrived home, and take care both the baby and Hana..
i LOL’ed when Hana murmuring in her sleep ‘otou-san’ =))))
LOLOLOLOL she tought that gentoku was her father,,

then a problem appeared, for the sake strengthen their army power, gentoku have to married with Chubou’s little sister.
hana was so shocked, though she doesn’t really expressed it at first in the public.

you will get this scene when you re-playing again gentoku’s route,, i think this applied to another chara.
in the middle of the night, Gentoku want to talk to hana about the marriage, but looks like hana was sleep already, and he enters it without any permission i guess, *_* and i forgot what he talking about, but i think it’s his regrets, and then kissed her.

after they found out that the bride that chubou’s side sent was a fake, actually it’s a boy. and he tried to kill gentoku, of course it was failed, both hana and Gentoku was injured, hurriedly gentoku-san bring her ala hime-dakko and talk to her,,
here, the long awaited confession scene finally arrived, and then they’re kissing and LOL!END

and the epilogue was explaining when she choose to live there, the book was suddenly disappeared, and then lovey-dovey scene again~

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