Sangoku Rensenki -first impression-

that’s the main title of the game
as usual a system voice come out in random, saying the game’s Brand
but something is different, after that, there are still other voice system that ‘greet’ us. i think their word was set according on the time when we play it.
like when we play it in the morning they will said, ohayou, kinou wa yoku nemureta? etc, something like that.
that voice system was appeared when we want to quit the game too

and, actually, before i know this ‘service’ on sangoku, i already thought thst this game have a lot of crazy seiyuu list,,, and they’re absolutely depending a lot on this.
and the ‘voice collection’ service make me more convinced about it LOL,,

LOL i saved a lot on this~~~ ^^;; specially on Chubou’s arc,, Showtarou’s tsun2 voice was soo~~~ moe~~~ >//////<

okay, here’s the seiyuu list
Gentoku: Miki Shinichirou
Unchou: Sakurai Takahiro
Yokutoku: Hoshi Shouichirou
Shiryuu: Ishida Akira
Koumei: Sugita Tomokazu
Moutoku: Morikawa Toshiyuki
Bunjyaku: ??? –> i don’t really familiar with his voice @_@
Chubou: Morikubo Showtaro
Koukin: Suwabe Junichi
[secret chara]: kishio daisuke

deshou,,, *_____* nante sugoii na risuto da~~~ ,< i wasn't able to hear his voice on game lately,, too busy with BLCD?

Quick-Main review
Yamada Hana was reading some old hitory book on the library. suddenly the book emit some shiny light, and the next time she’s already on some unknown place.
there, she heard some voice, that voice was belong to koumei, and i forgot what they talking, but the point is a conversation about life philosophy etc, and somehow again @_@ i forgot, looks like she was chased by a forest-pig?
there, she was saved by trio-gentoku-gun three nice guy.

after chat a long time, the-very-nice-and-gentle-Gentoku-san was giving her a ride to his household,,

and somehow, she was useful for their army, since she holds the book that record the history of their age, so she is like a counselor, telling them about the plan

after here, the story will be different according to the arc/route you choose
click one of them to see my review about their route.

Gentoku’s Arc (Finished)
Unchou’s Arc (Still Playing)
Yokutoku’s Arc (waiting list)
Shiryuu’s Arc (Waiting List)
Koumei’s Arc (waiting list)
Moutoku’s Arc (finished)
Bunjyaku’s Arc (waiting list)
Chubou’s Arc (finished)
Koukin’s Arc (waiting list)
secret chara (waiting list) –> you have to finished Koukin first to get him.


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