[Code Geass] Kiseki no Birthday – Picture Drama

My husbie,,, *cry*

first, i thought it’s strange, since Rollo and Nunally was both there, Kallen use her Kouzuki’s hair style, Nina’s hair isn’t tied anymore, and even C.C. was there,,!
well,, i don’t really take it at that time.

when Rivalz asks Ruru-sama to help him on the late school festival, some nerd guy, that declared him self as the head of neo-chinesse federation infiltrated Ashford Gakuen and use all of the student as hostages.
Lelouch just laughing, C.C. know well the reason, cause Lelouch must already have a way to conquered that terrorist.

ruru kieruna
well,, to put it simply, yappari Lelouch no kachi da,, he wins the battle,,,
but after that somehow he was becoming transparent, and said something like goodbye-sentence T___T
then Nina realized that Shirley, Rollo, C.C. wasn’t there
at that time Nunally opened her eyes, and Lelouch said to all of them to be a good person, well something like that.
after that, Nunally realized and tell everyone that today is December 5, Lelouch-sama no tanjoubi da,, T_______T
she said that, this is a miracle from his nii-sama, the last miracle, Kallen said that he already gave all of the people a miracle called ‘peace’
at last, Kallen was using a knightmare again, nina back to her life as a scientist, and everyone else too

NOOOONNN Ruru-sama,,, *cry* T___T
the last part was a pic of ruru-sama, and a music played by Kuroishi Hitomi-sama, i forgot the title, but it was a BGM for R2

2 thoughts on “[Code Geass] Kiseki no Birthday – Picture Drama

    • Chie says:

      hmm,, you can download it using torrent, or just search the ddl on google, maybe someone have uploaded it on some server~~

      you have to watch this,, T__T
      it’s such a great and touching picture drama~

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