Rakuen no Uta 2 -last vol- [楽園のうた2]

nante suteki na pair desu nee~~~~ >////////////////////<

so, Kamiyan, jyanakutte, Nachi, have cut his ties with his senpai~~
and somehow, he become a lil' bit close with Chris's friend [forgot his name LOL] but, somehow i know this friend was chibi.
actually, at first he didn't really like Nachi, but somehow after talking and then found out that Nachi was the Model for Chris CM, they began to became friendly, for me that was normal. a normal friendship. just like a classmate, but our Seme here, was soooo jealousy,, so he ask Nachi, why are he so close with his lol!friend~~
i LOL at this scene~~ and somehow after that, they're LOLkissing~~ *moe**nosebleed*

kay' have to save my blood to live, so anyway, the epilogue wasn't really disappointed. Nachi dressed as a cool one (or cute? i can't really tell which @_@ ) to save Chris from his fan, so he can go out from the store safely~~
and there, rabu2 scene~~~ and Nachi swear to 'fight' alongside with Chris~~~
nante suteki na jinsei nee~~~(─▽─)

soshite medetashi,, medetashi,,,

P.S: i just found out that this IS BLCD LOL~~
i hope BLCD will be more like this, isn't really rough and too full with ero-ppoi scene, but have it's own sweet story-line~~~ (─▽─)

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