Rakuen no Uta [楽園のうた]

i’ve just finished this drama cd and LOL!somehow i figure out that this is shou-ai
though i’ve seen the canon-pair was both otoko, i though it’s just LOLfriendship, but it IS not~~ (─▽─)

anyway, here’s the cast list
MIdorikawa HIkaru as Shin Kurisu
Kamiya Hiroshi as Nachi Sasamoto
Hirakwa Daisuke as Akira Tsukishima
Morikubo Showtaro as Kengo Iida
unreadable kanji as Rimu Sasamoto
unreadable kanji again, sorry, but i’m sure he is seiyuu of rudi in Will ‘O wisp as Haruka Kusunoki

well,, the most pittari na chara wa akira-kun kana,, somehow i can recognize his seiyuu was hirarin just by seeing his LOLface ( ´∀`)

the story was quite nice, it’s about on ordinary boy that have a twin sister as a manger of an idol, CMIIW, and that idol was somehow put some interest on this boy, and blahblahblah
and one day, that boy, Nachi, meet with his moto-no-senpai-who-is-his-moto-no-kareshi-too accidentally in the road, Nachi was tried to went away from Tsukishima, cause he’s deceived before, he heard that tsukishima was going out with him, because he’s resemble with his twin-sister~~ andblablalba
Shin wasn’t like tsukishima approaching Nachi, so he brought him home and then XXX him d(-_^)good!!

oh, and i forgot something, the part when nachi was offered to be a photo model themed unison sex, is he really dressed as a woman?? ∑(O_O;) i don’t really get it when they’re talking, but i’m sure Shin said something like “nande anna kakko nissurun ndayo?”

anyway, i have to hear the next vol ASAP ~~~ ^0^

One thought on “Rakuen no Uta [楽園のうた]

  1. Mito says:

    Chieeeeeeee!!! T.T huhuhuhu~ *sobs sobs* do you still remember the password of the ilegenes cd??? and where can i find rakuen no uta drama cd?? 😀 thanks!! and sorry for the burden~ >:D

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