Heart no Kuni no Alice – Tweedle Dee / Tweedle Dum ‘s Route Part 1

okay, since i have learn how to do some screen cap on my psp from Rollingpeach-san on LJ i want to do some spam quick review bout their arc,, XDDD

WARNING CONTENT SPOILER and heavy image~~!!!

okay, i’ll start the review from the 7th event, but i want to post this pic first~~
funyaaa~~~ those twins are just soo marveloouuss,, *blush* they’re so cure, aren’t they?? >/////<

anyway, i'll start the real thing now ^_^

you’re dirty little twins~~ *grin* their fav activity was neglected LOL, just like Blood their boss

start from here is the “ofuro event”

KYANN!! the twins enter the ofuro, though they’re know alice was there ^0^
and at first alice was kind of annoyed, but then she is not OF COURSE! SHE SHOULD BE HAPPY TO SEE THE SHOTA JYANAKUTE THE TWINS HADAKA NO SUGATA LOL

here, the twins was talking about their favorite toys that always they bring when they’re on bath~~
for Dee, it makes sound pokupoku~~

as for Dum, it makes sound nyoronyoro –> kawaiii~~~

there, she goes tsun here

see? the twins are the same with Blood and ace when it comes to things like these LOL

it’s so fun to heard Jun-jun’s voice said POKUPOKU and NYORONYORO~~!!
/me almost faint~~

that’s the end of the first ofuro’s event,, it still have 3 more ofuro events, with Blood and Elliot as guest LMAO!

3 thoughts on “Heart no Kuni no Alice – Tweedle Dee / Tweedle Dum ‘s Route Part 1

  1. Charlotte_Lissete Angelarique {Eve} says:

    So kawaii!!!^-^
    I really love these two desu-ne!^-^
    Going to get the best dreams tonight desu!^-^
    Pokupoku to Nyoronyoro kawaii desu-ne!!!!^-^
    *faints on the chessboard floor*
    {Hope to be in Wonderland by now…}

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