Ilegenes -Kokuyou no Kiseki-

Kuwabara Mizuna (story)
ISHIZUE Kachiru (artist)

uwaaa~~~reading this drama because i found the drama cd first,, *grin*
it is a story of Fon Fortingbras Littenber, whose father was suspected to be a black market creator, but killed by that black market people,, he’s a smart guy, so he skipped 2 grades and enters military school on that island,,, he insist to revenge his father and mother by destroying that black market,,
now he live in a dorm with Jake as his roommate,, Jake was an EPIC person XDD he even hang his socks in front of his windows,,, Jake was reaaly interested in Fon’s eye color,, Jake said that even engineering people was almost imposible to create this kind of color,, Fon wasn’t reakky understand what is Jake saying.

anyway, in that island, people who enters military academy equal stupid people that didn’t have any talent on engineering genetica,, that’s why Fon was so standing out,, since he’s a smart boy, but still enters that academy,,

this manga genre wasn’t yaoi,, But shounen-ai,, so it fits my konomi a lot,, ๐Ÿ™‚
it’s so fun when see Fon’s reaction while he saw Jake after he changed into his uniform (because before that Jake appearance was terribly weirdo)
and i think the story line was a really good one,, since it have sci-fi,, XD

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