Mizu no Senritsu Portable~ 水の旋律

i’m interested on this game solely based by the seiyuu list only,, XDDD yes SEIYUU ONLY~!
well, i can’t say the story line was bad or good, since i have only played the prologue, but one thing for sure, cyber front have a unique system game, and it’s different from another game.

the seiyuu that make me put an eye on this game was TAKEHITO KOYASU-san~~!! >////<
and then followed by daisuke hirakawa, Inou Kazuhiko, Taniyama kisho, suzumura kenichi, morita masakazu, and kouichi-san~~ n_n

and the artwork wasn't that good, compared with the seiyuu list, but maybe the game-play will cover that up, since from the opening, looks like it have a nice storyline~


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