Yay~~!! many Oto-ge portable released on early 2010~~

OMGOMGOMGOMG~~!! >/////< thank you so much for those game developer that want to port their game to PSP~~ since i don’t have PS2 T_T
here’s the list and some pics~~

January, 29th
PSP『アルコバレーノ! ポータブル』
yes~! i wanna try this game a long time ago, but still hesitated, since i can play it with emu only, and emu was eating a lot of my RAM,, T_T

February, 18th
PSP『Last Escort -Club Katze- (PSP版)』
i’ve interested in this series too~~ and i don’t have to play it with emu again,, XDDDD

corda 3, just like my post before~

February, 25th
PSP『水の旋律2~緋の記憶~ (限定版)』
PSP『水の旋律2~緋の記憶~ (通常版)』
didn’t now about this game yet, and i didn;t now the developer too~~ saberfront? sorry if i miss spelled it >,<
and there's two series of this

March, 25
PSP『VitaminZ Revolution (限定版)』
PSP『VitaminZ Revolution (通常版)』
and yeah~~ this one was my long-awaited-game-to-be-port-on-psp too~~ ^0^

and there’s still some of them that not announced yet their released date~~

Love Revo PSP~ yay~~ ishida-san,, >///<

sorry, don't have the pic,, but here's the official site
華ヤカ哉、我ガ一族 –> i only managed to read the second phrase, ‘waga ichizoku’? the first one is sappari da,, o.0
since this game was made by otomate, i’m gonna so played this ^0^

i hope this isn’t late, but wand of fortune portable please,, ~_~ i love their seiyuu and arts,,~~

info and picture credit to:
Neo-romance forum

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