Dance in The Vampire Bund episode 01

finally, i can spare some time to watch the 1st episode (since i’m so busy to play otome-game, and watched neoromance festaXP ) and it is EPIC~~ though there are so many anime that takes vampire as their theme, i think this on is quite different, and more interesting~~ the vampire leaked out their existence to the human-kind for they to reform their bund~~ sugoii~~ the jouou-denka mo, moe desu waa~~ >/////<
i like yandere loli, since they’re cute,, ^0^

i think the guy who being asked on the street by the interviewer was someone who deeply connected to her highness, since she’s crying when heard that man said there’s absolutely no vampire~ well, there’s two possibility, one he have some great amnesia, or he just playing dumb –> that’s the most popular reasons on animu~~

episode 2 ni tanoshimi nee~~ i’ve download it, but still need to search the rite time for watching it~~~


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