Heart no Kuni no Alice [Blood’s arc]

i’ve finished his good ending last december~~~ and after that i try to finished his Rose END, but somehow i can’t get it,, T_T i only managed to get the 7th event, though there are 9th event for the rose end T__T i’ve followed peche’s guide, but still hopeless,, someone can help me??? m(??)m

now i want to write about his good end~~~ WARNING MAYBE CONTENT HEAVY SPOILER!!

Blood and Alice

blood’s event was a lil bit content with sexual harass~~ oO(>.<)oO though it’s not that bad~~ i can’t say the picture quality was good, but the story was great indeed, compared to another otome-game that mostly flat. the heroine was a cool and cold chara,, ^0^ really different with the usual heroine type that was innocent-don’t-know-what-this-feeling-i-had-for-you type,, ^0^

Blood really like tea~~ he just forget everything if he found something good about tea.

blood arc heva an ofuro event, alice want to take a bath or something more like an onsen, but then found blood and elliot there, chatting while drinking sake,, LOL it have 4 event, the 3rd one was make me nosebleed~~ konishi-san no koeee~~!!!!! moe~~~!!! “tsukamaeta” as he approach alice in the bath~~!! >/////< as for the 4th event, the twins was come too,, ^0^

and the rose event was like Blood Vs. Vivaldi ~~ they both like alice~~

and the most shocking truth that i found on this event ‘Blood and Vivaldi was brother and sister’ WTH?!!! i really am shocked with this~~ o.O well, they have a resemble on their way of thinking,, but,, still,, i’m startled~~

and in the end, alice became blood’s wife,, the end was their marriage~~ and elliot calls her Anego,, LOL

Blood’s propose to alice when she almost going back to her world was so hilarious~~  it’s kinda forcing, because alice still stubborn with him, and blood said something like “even if you don’t want it i will drag you, and if you don’t want to talk the ‘oath?’ i will open your mouth with my finger and force you to talk’ WTH LOL~~ *nyahaha

but of course, alice like blood here, so finally she kissed blood and went with him~~~

tergeting Ace for the next arc~~ i heard that he was a yandere one~~ *hoho

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