Hanasakeru Seishounen 31-34

sorry for the super_late updates~~~ >,< I have so much task from my teacher and didn't have enough time to write this,, but now i have it,, ^0^~~

so the main story for this 4 episodes are:
32: Li ren choose to quit as Fang group's leader, because he thinks that this burden will be a nuisance for him to protect kajika. Kajika,Li ren, and noei's little brother went to the palace to freed Noei and Euegene. and in her way to get out, she met with najayra's mother, someone who knows kajika's true lineage. but li ren asks her not to leak this out, because it will be inconvenient for both parties. and Quinza as always with his bizarre plan, kill all of useless chamberlain for him, with another people's hand -_-;;

33: Carl's nee-san told Quinza about kajika's true lineage,, and of course he didn't just sit down calmly, he planned to kill kajika.

34: the best episode,, Quinza and Kajika was running in the roof like some cat that want to hunt mouse as his lunch. when kajika almost killed by quinza, luckily Li ren come in the right time and shot Quinza, so he fell from the roof. after that Kajika told li-ren when she's so desperate and asking for help, only li-ren's face that pop out in her head,, and then kiss scene between them~~

and in preview for epi 35, quinza isn’t dead, and i think he tries to kill kajika again~

btw, i almost forgot about rumaty-chama, his charm as the prince was overwhelming everybody~~ and the next epi he will do some open-confrence in the airport~~

2 thoughts on “Hanasakeru Seishounen 31-34

  1. Alice says:

    awwwwe…i no my fav character is lumati too….=(
    now hat i hav found owt that she wont end up with him….i dnt want to watch the anime anymore….i onli got up to episode 9…but thereds no point in readin it if she aint gonna end up with lumati..im sad now…..lol =P

  2. Chie says:

    lol~~ no, you should continued to watch it, you have to see rumaty on 20-above episode~~ he’s so hawt~~!! >/////<
    and you should she how glorious he is, on 10 last episode,, (since this animu will end at the 39th episode)
    but, somehow, now i like lee ren a lil bit more that rumaty,, XDDD

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