Miracle train 12 ~akari onore!!~

roppongi's hawt

OMG,, mai roppongi was so darn hawt~~ >///<
they started to notify us the complexes of roppongi's past, though it's still a blur one~~

now, they realized that the cause of the overdrive that happen recently was caused by akari-chan, and actually she's a passenger too before, but she lost her memory, and the conductor made her as the guider.
miracle train can only entered by one passenger, so akari's existence was disturbing their 'diagram schedule'
finally, roppongi and akari went to roppongi station to find some clue about akari's memory~

teme~~ what a luck girl akari is~~ she's dating with mai husbie~~ T_T

ma ii,, cause after that, akari changed into a moe sugata~~

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