Kaichou wa Maid-sama anime Chara design~

why does my usui looks like a stupid stalker here~~ T^T maa~ though Misaki-chan looks quite cute,, ^^,
it will be aired sometimes on 2010~~
hope they made it with a good story line,, not like the other anime-manga-adaption that have a phail end,, >,<

17 thoughts on “Kaichou wa Maid-sama anime Chara design~

  1. RagnarokTMDL says:

    Sugita Tomokazu? Kyon from The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya and Saki Tocho from Miracle Train ~Welcome To The Oedo Line~?! Hm…I should be sad that it is not him and probably happy that I wouldn’t see the image of Kyon in my mind when listening to the Drama CD next time…An overdose of Kentai Life Returns! and Homo Sapiens Rhapsody…Haha!

  2. Chie says:

    @mitchan: well then, i’m sure i’m gonna sad~~ T_T tomokazu-san’s voice was good for chara like him though,, ~_~

    @ragna: lolz,,, ^0^

  3. Mit-chan says:

    Sorry, I forgot to subscribe to this post.. ==”

    Etto.. I’ll just put it here for those who don’t know yet…

    Usui Takumi – Nobuhiko Okamoto
    Misaki Ayuzawa – Ayumi Fujimura
    Satsuki – Aki Toyosaki
    Aoi – Hiromi Igarashi
    Honoka – Kana Asumi
    Subaru – Kana Ueda
    Erika – Mariya Ise

    Zannen daaaa! I like Sugita Tomokazu, Sanae Kobayashi and Yuki Kaida T3T

    Still looking forward though ^^

  4. Chie says:

    o.0 they sure change a lot of it from the previous one~

    unn~~~ hontouni zannen da,, T_T i reakky kije sanae-san as misaki-chan,, T_T

  5. Mit-chan says:

    Yeah =( In fact, I’ve never heard of any of the cast above (lol) and Hiromi Igarashi is a newcomer.

    I wonder who will voice Yukimura and Kanou…

  6. Megami says:

    Nobuhiko Okamoto is the speaker of kashinofrom yumerio no patisierre right? wow ..what a voice *Q* i think its a good chosed..but it has to be a little older than kashinos x3

    Ayumi Fujimura i don´t know so well..she was the voice of Shion from the Naruto movie i think..

    aww ~ Aki Toyosaki´s voice is from Su of Shugo Chara kawaii ~

    Hiromi Igarashi .. i dont have an idea who she is ö.ö but shes cute

    Kana Asumi speaks ran or amu or the two of them in Shugo Chara i think..

    Kana Ueda speaks the voice of Sakura Mikan from Gakuen Alice *Q* yay and she is the speaker of someone from Vampire Knight ah she is the voice of Sayori Wakaba YAY

    Mariya Ise : i heard she is the Speaker of the Young Misaki from Junjou Romantica (yaoi <3) but i´m not sure about it ^^

    i´m so looking forward o id and hope i could help some ppls who don´t know the speakers *Q* (didn´t knew them either xD)

  7. Mit-chan says:

    Oh right I forgot Kana Ueda is Mikan’s seiyuu… Okay, that’s the only seiyuu I’ve heard of from the above list now ^^”

    Yuki Kaida… Fuji Syusuke… Zannen T.T

    I hope Hiromi Igarashi does a good job though~

  8. Chie says:

    ouu~! o.0 i just realized that nobuhiko-san was layfon’s seiyuu from chrome shelled regios~~!! but, then, wasn’t his voice too soft from a playboy like usui?? o.0

  9. Chie says:

    well then, maybe mamo-chan can do it, since he voiced tamaki that-stupid-playboy-host XDDDD
    and i’m really want to hear ishida-san to voiced him, since ishida-san can voiced many type of chara, even strange chara like break on pandora hearts, and a dandere+kuudere chara as Rizvaan on Haru-toki 3 ^0^

  10. Mit-chan says:

    Haha, Ishida might be ok to do it! xD Nice voice he has ^^

    As for Mamoru…his voice just keeps reminding me of Kaji’s, and I think it’s a little too feminine @.@ Hahaha stupid playboy host LOL

    Hmm, you know I think Okiayu-san could do it too. He sounds pretty playboy voicing Shinjuku-san~ Woot! \(>o<)/

  11. Chie says:

    o.0 oh, that’s rite,,, almost forgot about him,,, XDDDD since he voiced too much low-voice chara like akuram N tezuka-buchou,,, XP and i was shocked when he voiced hakuryuu on haru-toki 3, he sounded so shota-ish~~~ kyaa~~n >/////<

  12. Mit-chan says:

    Hehehe =w= Banzai, Okiayu-san! ^o^ It’s funny cuz I’ve never heard of Nobuhiko Okamoto before, but now I know some of his roles ><|| Hope he does a good job on voicing Usui the stalking perverted space alien~

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