Umineko no Naku Koro ni 21

Angry Ange

Ange that was couldn’t accepted the insult from her friends was calling the seven purgatory and command them to kill all of her classmates. The seven Purgatory couldn’t do that because the level of anti-magic over there was too high, and Ange isn’t prepared yet for tainting her hands with blood.

Ange was angry and denied the existence of those furniture. so all of them had broken. (on Ange’s world)

Mariya that alawys left alone by her mother (Rosa-san) lost her house key, so she asked help from police, but her mother’s office told the police that Rosa was on a vacation,,,

a couple days again, some woman came to Rosa’s house and scolded her, because she’s too frequent left Mariya alone. Rosa angry with this, she kicked out that woman, and Scold Mariya with some violence,, -_-;; she even break Sakutaro,,

Mariya that was angry (cause of Sakutaro) asked Beato how to revenge and kill her mother,,

Ange that realized her mistake, admitted again the existence of the seven purgatory, and sakutaro, to help her arguing with Beato.

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