Hanasakeru Seishounen 29

I’m Sorry if i wrong on interpreted something, cause i watched the RAW one,, ^^V

As usual, Kajika’s pheromon was working everywhere~~ even Noel’s man couldn’t dodge it,,
Kajika Moe Attack

For Li-ren and Noel’s-tachi sake, she cooked her-so-called-stamina-soup, as you know, it had a bad smell and taste,, Even Li-ren didn’t like it,, *lolz (but, actualy, on some episode, Eugene ate those soup, and rate it the same as cooking from 3 stars Rate restaurant! 0.o )

Even Li-ren dodge that fearful some Soup~~

Mahaty And Rumaty on the flashback was so hawt~~

again, Eugene’s pheromone was working for ‘plain’ girl,, (not me, cause i don’t like the type like eugene,, -_-;; )

Finally, Harry revealed his and Kajika true Lineage to Kajika’s Bodyguard, Toranosuke. at the same time, Carl Father too know this truth from Quinza,, he told Carl About this, and Carl really was shock.

what i can saw, from the Hanasakeru Seishounen 30 review, i think that was a serious one, cause Li-ren and Kajika have to run-away from there, because likely, something bad was going on~~

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