Hanasakeru Seishounen 28

carl in airport

as Kajika arrived on airport, she met Carl, she ask carl to give her more information ’bout Eugene, so Carl ask her to live untuil tomorrow in his hotel. Kajika agreed and went to take her luggage. Carl said that he waits her on the outside.

coup de tat
unfortunately, as she takes her luggage, occurred a coup de tat by sahaji. they’re firing bullets, and forced the civilians to out from the airport. Alas, Kajika was trapped over there, Li-ren that’s just arrived, desperately searching for Kajika, finally he founds her. but, some granite was throwed towards them, Li-ren protected Kajika, so he was injured.

kegashite li-ren

luckily, Isaac able to find them, and bring them to his headquarter and healed Li-ren.

on Isaac HQ Kajika confessed to Li-ren,, (kyaa~~n i screamed when i hear this,, as usual, Li-ren showed his poker face,,, XP ) she said, that she doesn’t want Li-ren to love somebody else, and want to be always with him,,,

kajika confessed

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