Darker Than Black ~Meteor of Gemini~ 06

OMG!!! Yin’s still alive!! 0.o she’s in some cube, one thing for sure, inside that cube she still can used her ‘medium’ power~~
yin's cube

Yin’s medium power, killed the mother of the man who have crushed on Suou,, (i forgot his name,, XD )

Before know Yin’s still alive, Hei was Fighting with some guy that can transmute iron, rock, etc to be his body shield and armors,,, Hei could only flee, cause he’s already lost his power as a contractor,, -_-

because Hei know there was Yin on his target, he quit from his current organization, and follow his only instinct,, (maybe XP )

the scene where Hei cooking was nostalgic~~ n__n

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