Hanasakeru Seishounen 27

Li ren already felt that if Kajika once again not in his side, she’s gonna gone from his side forever, that’s why Li-ren didn’t allow Kajika to go to Laginay, and Kajika really upset with this~~

OH NO~~!!! Kajika’s rival appear!! she’s an innocent type shoujo,,, named Ling-li!!


Ling Li

Eugene that went to Laginay, try to meet Quinza, so that he could be some help to Kajika, was abducted!! he’s abducted by Najayra and Quinza of course,,, and the most shocking part was Najayra was the future wife for Somand, it means she’s the next queen, the one who LOVED BY QUINZA!! look at this picture carefully, Quinza and Najayra was in Love2 modo in front of Eugene!!

Quinza X Najayra


Kajika was went out to Laginay without Li-ren Permission,,, maybe it’s because her ‘royal blood’ that running through her. as we know, actually she’s in the first line of the throne,,,
kajika out

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