Hansakeru Seishounen 24~~ Time For Revolution!!

OMG!!!! everyone in this episode grown so fast!! how the heck can in one night, Rumaty become an otona!!
they have new OP adn ED too,,! here’s the screen cap

i’m started to understand that Li-ren gonna win over Kajika, even though he didn’t included in one of the three men that harry choose.

Lumaty already made up his mind, and choose to win over his brother and set up an interview. and he kisses Kajika,,!!

kajika that was confused, do some nayami soudan with eugene, because she thinks that eugene already used with these kind of things,,, /me first time saw kajika blushing on this episode,,, ^0^

when Lumaty kissed Kajika, li-ren saw this and averted his eyes, lumaty recognize this and now that li-ren loved Kajika, he angry to li-ren, cause he didn’t tell kajika the truth, and splashing cold water toward him,,,

in return Kajika splashed Lumaty with grape juice, so that Li-ren didn;t get angry,,, i LOL at this,,,

the ED video was great too~~~ mai Rumaty was too moe,,,~!!!!

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