Hanasakeru Seishounen 01

Hanasakeru Seishounen 1

Hana-Saku 1

This animu was adopted from the manga with the same title~~

Kajika Burnsworth was the only daughter of Harry Burnsworth, a great and successful business-man from America. she’s being exiled from her country since 3 years old. it was to save her from some assassins that killed her mother.

after she grew up, her father challenge her to play some husband-hunting game. Harry has choose 3 guys, and Kajika have to find them, choose on of them, and make them choose her too~~ it’s mean that 3 guys didn;t know anything~~

this animu was so great ^0^ sassuga natsumi-sama~~ the one who made jyu-oh-sei~~ i really like rumaty here,,, cause he’s a cute tsundere shota,,, LOL ^^v

Kajika loli

Kajika Loli-ver

This is kajika, she’s a beautiful girl, and her nature was to help other, she never look down on other people.

Li Ren shota modo

Li-ren Shota ver

Li-ren was like a brother to Kajika, though Li-ren his self really love Kajika as a woman. so he’s a bit irritated bout this husband-hunting game.


Eugene de Volkan

Eugene wasn’t live before he met Kajika. he just waiting for his 20th birthday and then trying to kill him self jumping out from the window like his mother. but fortunately Kajika saved him, and now he’s in love too with Kajika

Rumaty Ivan di Laginey

Rumaty Ivan di Laginay



he’s mai fav chara on Hana-Saku~~ XD his tsundereness and shotaness was moe~~
he’s a prince from Laginay country, an oil country, but he’s the second prince, his brother actually didn’t fit to be a king, so other people tried to make him one. he likes Kajika, and proposed her, but after Kajika said, ‘wasn’t we just like each other’, Rumaty agreed with that, and decided to find people that they really love.

Carl Rosenthal

Carl Rosenthal

his seiyuu was Fuku-Jun~~ ^0^ he’s the successor of Rosenthal company, but have a phobia, being in a dark and narrow place. Kajika saved him from his phobia and make him calm and captivated of course. he said to Li-ren that he will make Kajika his woman. (kyyaa~~n i scream when hear this~~ >///< )
oh yeah, before he was anti-woman, and some gay!!

this is the great animu for this season for me~~~ :good:

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